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  • I love that I can Design my Avatar and my Apartment
  • I was since the first momend really happy about the big Maps and that I can walk free on this
  • I love the Graphics, this Game looks like really a Virtual Reality
  • No Mods :lol:  That give me a feeling for a real Adult Game
  • different places with matching music
  • The Community and the grand Members
  • The Fun, the Game is never Boring
  • The Events, the partys and the DJnights give me always a feeling I'm on a real party :wub:  (mostly I need go offline when I get drunk :lol: )
  • The Sex animations
  • The VStrocker & Oculus Rift Support




  • For People what need a Sex Game!  Yes, you find all what you need and like in this Game ;)
  • For People where the Sex isn't important! Yes of course, the Game have great Sex animation, but Sex is only a little part in this Game :)
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Guest Suikazura

1) The world you can move around freely in. The graphics are quite good. The fact there is more that just sex, you can meet people and just chat and hang out. The sex animations are quite good and there is a pretty good variation. They are fairly good at adding new content, though it can be a little random.


2) If you are looking for an adult game that allows you to have sex with other players, but doesn't limit you to just having sex, and has an active community. Then 3dxchat is one of, if not the best, option currently available.

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Definitely worth it, modern day graphics and if you put aside the fact of just having sexual encounters then you can experience what it's like to meet a wonderful amazing community. I am happy that I stopped by and continue to do so to form friendships and have a good laugh, for everyone out there (you know who you are) I sincerely appreciate my time spent with you!



Get it now. 





P.S more customization would be great.

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1) Friendly community for everyone
    Having friends and enemies
    Realistic characters
    Communicating with people from all over the world


2)If you want to feel all the same emotions in communicating as in real life, but with people from different countries, have sex more than once a day, to have a relationship or friendship, develop your imagination, have fun at parties with real DJs, if your answer - yes, then welcome to the family of 3DXchat

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So, i love 3DXChat so much, because this Game most:

1) Modern game graphics,

    Best 3D models of characters ever i seen

    Meet with new friends and friendship with beautiful and so kind people around whole world

    Realistic sex poses

    Frendly and very good chatting for everyone

    Party too

    Striptease on the pole

    Volleyball lol



2) Listen me big Girls and Boys. who dont play 3DXChat yet, why we sometimes looking some greatness in our life, everyone of us looking this things the method of selection of all things, and then we, finally find this greatness thing. we say: OMG, IT SO F@$%ING AWESOME, I WANNa PLAY TO THIS GAME RIGHT NOW, so bros and sis (lool), which not play yet, play now, have fun all my friend and ppl of 3DXChat!

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1. Small but lively community that (even though it has jerks in it sometimes like in the real world) is full of friendly, welcoming people that are fun to talk with and make you feel right at home.

2. The best graphics for an adult game, bar none. Some great locations that you can move around in freely, although a few more would't be bad.

3. Make it your game by personalising your avatar and your flat.

4. Indulge in some of the hottest roleplay I ever experienced. :)

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1) great graphics. There is so much to do, not just have sex. It has a great community with fun people. Meeting nice people has been a big part for me. Update slow but are really good when. Added. Worth the monthly fee. And have not found another game like it.


2) if you join you will not be disappointed. So many people to talk to. You never know what you might find.

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hello sorry i seapk french ; j adore 3dxchat il est vraiment génial j'y joue depuis 2 mois je rencontre beaucoup de gens . Ce que j'aime sur le jeux le graphique qui est parfait et pour les francophone qui vienne sur 3dxchat je l'ai guide dans le jeux qui est un moyen pour eux de connaitre plus le jeux . De plus je publi pas mal d'annonce pour avoir plus de monde sur 3dxchat car je recommande au gens a jouer a ce jeux . Enfin je remercie l'équipe 3dxchat pour l’amélioration qui font pour le jeux 




jonathan (forum)


jonathanfr (3dxchat)

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I think what I like the most is how unique it is with mindful developers and a healthy community that is open to persons from all walks of life and desires.


What would I say to people who haven't played yet? That they should come enjoy this amazing sex game and give tons of feedback to help build the future of something. If you want to be on the ground floor of amazing VR experiences, this is where you should come.

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The graphics are great

Most of the people here are pretty decent, we do have some that do not know how to be respectful to others

it is not just a sex game, it is so much more.. people come here not only to have sex, but spend time with friends and loved ones

Like the DJ's

Like the diverse community - again communities have jerks too

Like the ability to move freely to other rooms - different atmosphere's

The Avi's are great - best I have seen

Sex poses are good - could use the option of moving within them

In all it can be a great place to come and relax, have some fun, play games, and have a good conversation


For anyone not playing this game - give it a try, you have nothing to lose. I guarantee you will meet some great people, some very accepting people.. Here at 3dx, sex, gender preference, age etc.. none of it matters.. You are valued as an individual.. be yourself and enjoy .. I have been here for a while, I have made some great friends that I will cherish and keep in touch with even after this game.. They call this a sex game, but really it is so much more.. a lot more.  so if you want to be a part of something great, evolving and fun.. come to 3dxchat

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I love the Graphics, they are first class.

I love the Avi's have there there own personalities. 

The sex poses are great, but can have some improvement.

Most people on this game a friendly an respect each others characters


You must give game a try its amassing.and great fun

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After taking some time to think about what to write, here I am posting my review of Why I Love <3 3DXChat :)


1.) What 3DXChat Features do you like?


Honestly, one of the things that made me drawn to try out 3DX was its realism. This is by far the most realistic 3D Chatting/Social Client I have ever encountered among many others that I've been to before. Apparently this and the almost life-like graphics, open world navigation and realistic animations are a few among of my staying reasons here. Along with this comes the character customization :) While others may agree that the client needs more customization to further exemplify one's own personality through their characters, what we have so far is simply top-notch. Furthermore, I agree with some of the aforesaid reviews that characters tend to have an "oomph" of personality in it, which makes the characters interesting enough even without the prevalence of a more concise customization. 


Another feature that I love about it is that the game is "future proof" with the support of the VStroker and Oculus Rift. Techies like myself believe that such mediums are "the next big thing" in VR Gaming and the developers, by including support of the aforementioned, simply proves that they intend to provide high end realistic gaming experiences and taking it to the next level.


One last "feature" that I love about 3DX is the very diverse community of people that makes it alive. There are lots of very respectable and decent people that one could meet, hence a lot of possibilities for awesome socialization experiences. Personally, I'd like to believe that this is the backbone of why the game is very successful. And I'd also like to exemplify the point that behind every character is a real person. Various people from different parts of the world, their ever so complex yet unique and identifiable personalities, the endless possibilities of things that one could do and share with these people, the very engaging experiences, the fun and exciting events. the drama (while people hate it, it's a factor of what makes it diverse), all that and more...that's what makes this medium more than "just a sex game" quoting what others have just said about it.


2.) What would you say to people who haven't played 3DXChat yet?


To those of you who are seeking an exciting and enjoyable way to spend your time socializing online, then you must try 3DXChat. What I mentioned above hopefully justifies why I'd want you to try it out. It's more than just a sex game, it's definitely more than that, and you'd have to try playing it yourself to see what I mean :)

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1) What 3DXchat feature do you like

 I like such a reallistic 3D models in the game, relatively light data and smooth cliant,  updating from time to time, nice mood and atmosphire in the areas.


2) What would you say to people who haven't played 3DXchat yet?

You can have two nice apartment flats of your design. And you can talk to nice people from all over the world includes me.  

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As a usually quiet and reserved person in real life, this game has helped me come out of my shell. Everyone is very friendly, it has a great social aspect, the graphics are amazing.

I have met some amazing friends from all around the world, have had lots of fun times with them, and speak to some now outside of the game.

My only bad point is, its very addictive, I have had so many late nights I am turning into a zombie lol.

Overall I recommend it to anyone to give it a go, you won't be disappointed.

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1) What 3DXChat features do you like?


- Besides the oh so purdy graphics?

- 90% of everyone I have met within the game has been nothing but friendly to me.


- An actual active community within the forum.

- Unlimited potential for improvement to fill in the communities needs and wants.

- Customizible character / appartment



2) What would you say to people who haven't played 3DXChat yet?


- Ever pay for porn? If you have why not pay for something where you can develop a friendship as a consolation bonus prize :)

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Guest Arya

Hello people  :)


1) What 3DXChat features do you like?

I love the entire game with it's awesome graphics and possibility. I am very happy with it since there are regular updates that make us "waiting for more" every time, it's very important for an online video game.

I also love the great community here, the fact that you can have lots of conversation and fun without going necessary on the "sex part" of the game.

The game still has so much to show us, I'm sure it is going on the good way.

I think the developper team is doing a great job because they are not plenty. 



2) What would you say to people who haven't played 3DXChat yet?

If you are looking for a serious and beautiful social and adult game, you just find the good adress. Moreover, it's very easy to meet people from all around the world and you will be very well welcomed by the great community of this game/forum.

Just have a try with one month and I'm sure we will see you the second one  :D


Ps: sorry for my English, I'm french  :)

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Guest Suikazura

I m new here so far it ok ,but it crashed just when I was about to get some ,wasn't real happy about that.


They rushed the user room upgrade a little, but it isn't that uncommon for updates to break MMOs. They are pretty good about updating and upgrading the game, so it should be straightened out soon. 

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