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    • NEW LOCATION (Explain ur choice)
    • NEW "ROOM" // AND "PROPS"
    • NEW SCRIPT // NEW FEATURES (Explain ur choice)
    • ENHANCED MAP (BEACH / NC / Etc..)
    • OTHER (Explain ur choice)

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>>>> PLEASE vote for what it is IMPORTANT to see games before other content. <<<<







I created this topic to reassure some players and game members. Developpers, myself, and others creator, we don't forget you. Some know me.


However, in front of the significant number of demands(requests) (poses, ideas, so on...) i think it's necessary for me, developpers and other creators to assign an order of priority.


Otherwise we don't know where to start, and we get lost in demands. By defining an high priority we can work more effectively and work on what the players wish first and foremost.


You can explain your choices here.


I will post on my topic my next creations in progress to show you there is a creation and that other devs are working on it.


You can also keep an eye on my creations on the topic : "French Touch Album" >> LINK


(Please avoid at most pics on this topic to keep it clear ^_^ )




The content must to please to you. Before please to us




Je créer ce topic, pour rassurer certains joueurs et membre du jeux. Que des créateurs moi ou d'autres nous ne vous oublions pas. Certains me connaissent et savent qui je suis.

Toutefois, devant le nombre important de demande diverses (Poses, Idées etc...) il me semble nécessaire pour moi, pour les développeurs ou les autres créateurs d'attribuer un ordre de priorités.

Sinon, nous ne savons plus par où commencer, et nous, nous perdons dans les demandes. En définissant une priorité élevée nous pourrons travailler plus efficacement et travailler sur ce que les joueurs souhaitent en voir rapidement en jeux.

Vous pouvez ici en commentaire expliquer votre choix.

Je posterais sur ce topic mes créations en cours afin de vous rassurer qu'il y a une évolution et que les autres créateurs s'appliquent également a cela.

Vous pouvez également suivre toutes mes créations sur le sujet "French Touch Album" >> LINK

(Merci d'éviter au maximum les "Photos" sur ce Topic afin qu'il reste lisible ^_^)











ich habe diesen Gesprächsfaden erstellt um allen Spielern und Mitgliedern zu versichern, das wir die Entwickler, ich selber und andere Mitarbeiter, Euch nicht vergessen haben. Einige kennen mich.


Wie auch immer, durch die vielen signifikanten Forderungen (Stellungen, Ideen usw.) denke ich, das es notwendig ist für mich, die Entwickler und die anderen Mitarbeiter eine Prioritätsliste zu erstellen.


Ohne diese Liste wüssten wir nicht, wo wir starten sollten und würden den Überblick über all die Forderungen und Wünsche verlieren. Durch die Erstellung einer Liste mit den höchsten Prioritäten der Wünsche können wir sehr viel effektiver arbeiten und vor allen Dingen an den Dingen arbeiten, die Ihr Spieler am meisten wünscht.


In diesem Faden könnt Ihr Eure Gründe erklären, warum eine Forderung hohe Priorität bekommen sollte.


Ich werde in meinem Gesprächsfaden die nächsten Kreationen, die sich in Bearbeitung befinden schreiben um Euch zu zeigen, das es Fortschritte gibt und die Entwickler an Euren Forderungen arbeiten.


Ihr könnt zusätzlich im Gesprächsfaden "French Touch Album" >> LINK die aktuellen Entwicklungen einsehen.


(Bitte vermeidet hauptsächlich Bilder in diesem Gesprächsfaden um alles sauber und übersichtlich zu halten  ^_^ )

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I wanna bring something up bout new locations, i like idea of having new locations. But if its done i'd really wish some the existing be moved more together, so each location is more different variation.


I mean both Love Island, beach and yacht within same theme, beach being more traditional sunbathing and swimming resort, love island tiki romantic variation and yacht also in water theme. Then you have Sin Club and Night Club both clubs but slightly different themes.


Don't see why we have so many things that are same more less that can't be worked into one location with different theme areas.


My biggest worry bout adding "To many" new location is the already medium size populations be spread to much out, so you see almost empty areas and lot of people just hoping from one location to another to find other people around.


Already see after user rooms been made more variable as user made clubs that some the public locations less full than they were before, worry same will happen if we get a lot more new locations. Unless some the old locations are merged together in one location with different theme points to visit.

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I Voted other for many reasons , 


Locations, I feel for us that are Married or friends , we need to be able to have shared rooms , reason being we get booted at times easy to just go back , and even can decorate it together show both styles, not just one


Clothes- we need more for men to wear, I would like ear rings and jewelry,  


Club- if could make it Bigger would be great, would love to see it with an outside setting like coming in from LI that would be Beautiful just my thought 

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I have one,  we have a yacht with loads of empty spaces.. How about add private rooms or bet yet theme rooms that you can select.  Like BDSM Room, shower room, movie room,  orgy room,  fitness room.   Things like that.  these room will be on a select panel before you enter the room. Just an idea  

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I voted others.


New locations : Porn cinema, hammam, sauna :)


New room/props : A room with differents parts(or a LITTLE house, why not ) :D , where you could go to a separate room during a party (Bedroom, have sex in shower). This is just an idea, not a priority for me :)




New features : AFK button, to see quickly who is not available to talk.


New clothes : No comments :D


Enhanced map : I think the Sin club needs more features to be called the sin club, like enlarge the space and make a real bdsm space in the backrooms with different objects you can use or do a 2 floors sin club.


I saw you did streets in a simulation to join the locations FrenchTouch, nice idea :)


Others : Avatar customization (piercing, tattoo, height, weight, age)to be able to be very differents than others.


Sorry FrenchTouch maybe my post will not help you cause you wanted to know our priorities to know where to start.


I just want to play a part in here :)


Have a nice day people :)

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Well I'm sure we would all like to see everything now  :D






I would like to see the position menu reworked so that the pos's are more logical.

I cuddle like 10 times more than i sex and would like all the cuddle pos's at top.



Love, dee!

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I voted OTHER:


I would love tattoos, piercings, more distinctive avi mods. I know there is a category for clothes, but I feel that would engulf the type of clothes we already have. I would like less seduction type of wear,


Sneakers, Doc Martins and flip-flops. Hoodies, better swim wear, more T-shirt/Halter type tops, knee length skirts, more shorts and generally more Tom-Boyish type non-seductive type clothes.


As for new locations...maybe like a street corner, with a cafe or two, a small park, few parked cars you could get in and have back seat sex in *giggles* etc

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Hello all and hello FrenchTouch :)


I voted others because because as many other players i would like a bit more of all in that order :


1) more character customization to see less clones in game (hairstyles, faces, making up,  tatoos so on.... )


2) Massage poses,


3) a green space like a parc or a forest,


4) a shower in private rooms :) 


5) some clothes, please, and why not outfits like a nurse, a secretary or others for roleplays  -_-


Thanks for reading and good luck and thank you :lol:

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Well I'm sure we would all like to see everything now  :D






I would like to see the position menu reworked so that the pos's are more logical.

I cuddle like 10 times more than i sex and would like all the cuddle pos's at top.



Love, dee!

Ya,like a rolling one menu  at the bottom of screen

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Voted other.

Clothes, tattoos, piercings, shoes(girls being able to walk flat).

I want us to be able to individualize ourselves better. Seems to be too many copies running around because we don't have many customization options.


Thank you for asking and listening!

Yeah! Like running shoes I'm wearing now! see ?

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I have been playing all sorts of games for a long time...If you ask each one sepperately...you will have a number of opinions as big as the number of players.Each one wants something different..

I dont know how old this game is i have been playing for a couple of months.And till now i am very happy with it but not because of the game but because of the community.

This game needs a lot of improving (given that you do pay monthly..)

You do not lag (which means the server is good)

You do have nice effects and whenever you need a mod you have him/her (at least from my own experience)

Now what is left to be done..Is add more n more.It would be great if they could add some more poses..The poses are really few-if you consider the number of poses in other games) But there is a catch...DO NOT add more poses that you have to "buy" them..That would only make people leave.

Clotheing? You need more..but then again since you have females...not even if you have the whole Collection of every single Fashion house...you wont have enough  :D

Piercings and tatoos? Well that would be an addon..even if im not a tattoo or piercing fan :P

Rooms and space in rooms and new public rooms..  Well rooms and space in rooms yes..Public rooms i dont know since they are not heavy populated unless its an event.


That is for now..i think :D

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Clothing for me ☺.


Shoes (heels are nice, and I love them. But I'm more likely to wear flip flops to the beach)


Some pretty dresses, skirts and tops. Ones you would put on for a casual trip out for a day. I mean, I do like to sexy it up every now and then, but I'm starting to feel silly trying to hang out and and have a casual chat in skirts I can't even hide a thong under.


Maybe some more swimwear options. And some lingerie...


Hmmm... Maybe I just like cloths too much...


We should probably get something for the guys to change into too

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New location, I am sure I am like other older players, I am going batty with the lack of new areas to explore and venues to be a part of. Although the other suggestions are really great ideas and should be introduced, if your a new player, the existing areas are enough for now.  However, as far as veteran player retention is concerned, new areas with different music options or activities is always a huge plus and keep the revenue base stable. IMHO - Thanks

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