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Thanks everyone who took part in the contest. The deadline for submissions has been reached. The results will be delivered as soon as the judges cast their votes.


And Thanks everyone, last night was such a great fun ! Good music, laughs and scare :)


Good luck to everyone who participated. :)

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First of all, I want to thank everyone who participated ! Y'all looked creepy awesome !



It was tough on our judges as well, as it required two rounds to designate the top 3.

Big thanks to our 5 judges for this competition :

ForOnlyOne - JeanetteVoerman -  Nixxx - Pashion -  RedJewel




1st (3 votes on 1st round) : bamagirl








2nd (2 votes on 1st round) : LongDStyle




3rd (4 votes on 2nd round) : NAMELESS





Congratulations to

bamagirl, LongDStyle and NAMELESS.


Please contact Gizmo via private message and claim your prizes.




  • First Prize - 10,000 XGold
  • Second Prize - 7,000 XGold
  • Third Prize - 5,000 XGold

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Hey people, 


Just a message to thanks all the judges and all the people who post nice pics and videos here.

I really liked the one with Marilyn Monroe and the Invisible man, nice idea  :)


And.............congratulations to THE winner, Bamagirl   :)


Enjoy your day all :)

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Congrats to our 3 winners!!! I know for myself it was so hard to choose my faves. So i just want to thank everyone for submitting their costume screens, some were really cool!! And also a huge thanks to the devs, DjChilles, DjAsh and Shanti for this amazing event and letting me be apart of it :)

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