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It would be nice for the devs to check and maybe put a workaround in the code instead of having people messing with files and registry.

On my side the issue happened out of nowhere after my computer rebooted because of power outage.

None of the fixs above seemed to work but since the issue is persistent i guess it's data or cache writing/reading related.

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1 hour ago, Elddie said:

I just tried in succession: 

-Uninstalling my Anti-virus software (Avast One), didn't fix it.
-Turned off all Windows Firewalls, didn't fix it.
-Tried using my VPN (NordVPN) to set me in Germany, didn't fix it.
-Uninstalled my VPN and ran the game, didn't fix it.

As far as my ISP, I have AT&T Fiber Internet, which running a few speed/bandwidth tests, I'm getting what I should be.
Also, running the 3DXChat Connection Tester, all shows good for it.

Not sure how to do that. Can you elaborate? 

  Alright, just didn't see anywhere if you tried a VPN to rule out if it was connection related 🙂

To reset your avatar:

On 2/26/2023 at 4:57 PM, MissD said:

Reset your avatar:
Login to https://3dxchat.com/members/
Under "manage account" you can see a list of your avatars and click the "Reset avatar"-button next your avatar name.


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24 minutes ago, Feuermond said:

I never thought one of my posts will be get quoted and referred to so often. I am glad it can be of help. 🙂

If it is solid advice like that, it will stand the test of time and be quoted many times.

Great work Feuermond!

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I love 3DXChat!
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