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A silly little game


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I was making a room the other day, that i called The road to redemption, and while doing so i had an idea that what if you never made it to the end ? So i started with the teleports that sent you back to start if you stepped on if,  and that lead to another idea, what if i used that as a concept for a game ?

The idea is as simple as the game is silly, but according to my friends that tried it, it is also really fun, so in case it`s not done before, this is the idea:

1 vs 1 line up at the gate and start to run at a signal, and whoever makes it to the end first wins what ever the price may be. Of course it is not just running, since the teleports you hit will send you back and forth, and you will hit them unless you are extremely lucky as there are a lot of them. Some take you all the way back to before start, one takes you almost to the finish line, and some make you jump back a couple of feet only, but it is still gets you closer to the edge and it is disorienting, and if you fall off the road, you really loose.

Anyhoo, this is the base file, so use that if you want, or make your own, and have fun.



Road to redemtion Game.world

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🇫🇷 Bonsoir,

Wow ! Cela a l'air super marrant ! Moi qui suit un fan de Rôle Play, je vais proposer ça à mon groupe d'amis. Je pense qu'on peut faire quelque chose d'intéressant à faire. Je viens de télécharger ta room, je te ferais un retour sur ça c'est promis. 😆👍


🇺🇸 Good evening,

Wow! That sounds like a lot of fun! As a fan of Role Play, I'm going to suggest this to my group of friends. I think we can make something interesting to do. I've just downloaded your room, I'll let you know how it goes, I promise. 😆👍

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Not sure how fun it really is, as i have a weird sense of humor, and it probably gets old pretty fast, but it is at least something different from just using dice and i got a few laughs when running against my mates.

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