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Why are there so many rooms with bots and bot hosts.  They just create more drama and drive more people away from the game.  What incentive do I have to create a room when they are trying to shut my room down.  I have more incentive to just leave and keep my money while telling my friends the game isn't worth the aggravation.  The rooms are stale with trouble makers and nobody looking after their guests.  Isn't looking after the guests a primary duty for a good host.  I expected better when I had my room created.

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Not much to do about it, as they are paying costumers that chose to play the game in a different way. Just leave the room and avoid the rooms/hosts in the future I guess.

I find it more annoying that a third of the list is usually filled with rooms that have 0 people in them.

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I make a big investment to create a room that people can enjoy.  Have a good Saturday only for a bot host to send her bots to kill my room.  Why, there should not be competition in a game that is 75% subs.  Yes they resort to these tricks and then expand their rooms to get the crowd back.  So why should I continue to try and create a place for people to have a good time.  They all go where the fake numbers are.  And the bot hosts will go out of their way to eliminate any type of competition.  I have a room that has 4 different places for people to enjoy.  They just don't stay long enough to see what all there is to the room.

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