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[story] A normal day at Lollipop inc


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Noon break time, another classic day in IT business where the monitoring room now nearly emptied itself now, David the new Texan guy is at his desk, at the end of his strong right arm holding the little mouse, clicking there and there, left elbow near keyboard and hand supporting his chin, focused religiously on the screen. White shirt semi-open, visible few trails of sweats past vanished into his hairy and manly chest.

Gradually louder, incoming heels sounds joining the rumble of the air conditioning turned to max, and the tall tanned skin Italian secretary Carla cat walking past David, long dark hairs floating behind, slowly heading to the end of the room, opposite to David, notice a lollipop on the desk next to her, inclines her head to the side in a brief thinking gesture looking towards David's direction then quickly grabs it, straighten herself, her squished 90C raising up, she lets her perfect body slightly fall back against the windowed wall, leaving a small impact noise.

David detach his eyes from the screen a mere half a second instinctively seeking and finding the origin of that noise, then refocus back on the screen. He's professional, he doesn't want to mess up his second day, even he wont make the call for that teacher with browsing issues, he rather focus, also because each time Carla opens her mouth in front of him, she turns into a hunchback ugly creature to his eyes.

She knows it, she noticed how first he was sometimes dropping his eyes on her scandalous high heels but never hanged around for longer than a 10 words sentence, leaving convos as if he simply didn't cared, forcing a smile for the politeness and that's exactly what is turning her on. Young and lustful, she noticed the day before that he remained while other went out to eat. Emotionless glance, her eyes met his in the glance, hoping he heard the call of her perfectly made round breast. She then looks up the ceiling in a boring and innocent look, open the lollipop mechanically, then tilts her head 90 degrees on her right side, her eyes on the huge monitor full of green trackers, then bouncing glance on objects gradually closer to him. She raises the lollipop and barely opens her mouth, her tongue slowly drifting against her upper teeths to meet her upper lip then bypass the lollipop. Her glance now straight to David giving him the bedroom eyes.

Thinking to himself, eyes on the ticket, sigh internally "theses teachers that don't even know what browser they using..." then momentary drops his focus, a feeling of being watched to then meet the now lustful glance of Carla. His facial expression suddenly freezing as if trying to register the information during 3 intense seconds before dropping back his eyes on the monitor, in the empty blank space between 2 tickets, now processing the information then looking for a confirmation and looks back at her.

She now notice his gaze back on her, her eyes escapes to the left on a tall cactus plant in a  wide I shape, eyes closing a mere inch now pushing the lollipop inside, her cheeks pressing in hard the helpless candy in sucking motions, now almost faking pleasure waves taking over herself, gently twisting her perfect body against the wall window glass, the faint shadows over her breast and hips slip slowly on sides, accentuating the round feminine shapes. Her eyes instantly jumps back to her prey and surgically pressures the poor lollipop in and out at a slow torturing pace.

David now captive of her spell holds still, the cobra hypnotized by the loli-flute, another reptilian raising gradually bigger now, as he focuses on the mesmerizing red hungry lips contorting so deliciously around the lollipop, his tip filling itself with the brutal urge to just fuck her cold, underwear stretched to maximum, his big hard cock fully erected.


The end.

Edited by MAurelius
Been inspired by some Oregon woman.
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