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Some of my suggestions and ideas for 3DXChat, Directed to Developers.

1 - Colored nicknames
Add a color box for nicknames so we can pick whatever color and effect we want.



2 - Text color in chat box
Add the option to color the typing text in chat box and it will cost xgold to buy it.



3 - More avatars and new cost
To make the first avatar it will cost 10k just as it is now. To create extra avatars the cost will double for each one. Second avatar will cost 20k, third avatar will cost 40k and forth avatar will cost 80k.

4 - Add two public sex locations
Add two public sex location to 3DX's public rooms as shown in the picture. They will always be available and it will be easy to load the rooms no matter how many people are in there. One room can be a brothel and the other can be a sex club and they need to have all the available posses in the game.



5 - Control clothes length
Add a slider to control the length for clothes.

6 - Discord public room section
Create a main channel called User Rooms and underneath it channels for each public room in 3DX Chat so people can chat there too and post pics and vids.

7 - Accessories
More accessories need to be added. 
Back accessories: Guitar, Katana, Bow and arrows, Backpack. 


Head accessories: Crown, Cowboy hat, Bride veil, Flower wreath. 


Waist accessories: Cowboy rope, Gun, Sword, Small knife, Whip.



8 - Accepting Invites Option
Add an option in 3dx interface to accept incoming requests. Should be able to set it to all, friends or none.



9 - Sun tan lines
Add a slider in body options for sun tan lines visibility.



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