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3DXChat - Mr. DJ Monkey's spree 2.0


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Hello everyone :)
bringing you another new production of the new WB 2022 movies, with some new features from version 439 - 2.9 :) including everything new :)
Making it clear that the movie is a parody! (before someone thinks it's something xenophobic or racist!) No! This is a parody of DJ Monkey, name that ItsRuben chose, to use the new prints in the game, as everyone can see, they are DJ monkey prints assigned by the 3DX Chat developers themselves! So if anyone doesn't like it, don't watch the movie! Here's the warning!  Good fun everyone and good laughs always :)
Thanks to : Kitty, LilMarie, and ItsRuben
by Lucya :) thank you



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38 minutes ago, CardinalCopia said:

Why would you mention Kitty and make fake Kitty with a dick? Not cool at all.. these are obviously not Kitty, Marie, lLucyal, or Ruben.. parody or not.. its not cool and really shitty when you could put any names there. There is not any funny about it.

Yeah I fully agree with you there bro! Like wtf? Who actually seen kitty pull out a damn dick or even naked in general that’s fake as fuck

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There are so many problems with this video... I hope that the 3DX takes appropriate action to the person/people who created this video and all of the friends of the people who have been poorly impersonated in this video should report on their behalf. We're not paying subscription fees to experience bullying, harassment and people making money from exploitation. I hope 3DX takes this seriously and people take a stand to end this sort of behavior once and for all.

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