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Easy development stuff but still waiting...

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I'm here for I think almost 5 yrs now and have seen this place growing to a wonderful world with lots of nice cool things.

But some of the things that lack most are so obvious it really blows my mind we still don't have them:

- an option to automatically accept/or not our partner's sex pose proposals

- the ability to transfer xgold to another player

- pole dance changes not being synchronised while this was made possible long time ago already

- sex poses being aligned decently so you're not flipping around on a bed with every pose change

- a decent pose menu where poses are categorised not only in oral, anal, etc but also according gender (straight, gay,...) 

- the possibility to set your status (online, offline, busy, friends only...)

Most of this was already programmed by people that wrote hacks for the older versions, but it was lost in the conversion to the 64bit program.

I think gameplay would benefit a lot from these options, while new poses, clothing and stuff will only keep everyone satisfied for the first couple of weeks.

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