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Suggestion directed to 3DXChat Developers.

I know what I will suggest now is not easy at all, But that's how I would like to see our 3DXChat as perfect as it.


The poses in the new poses system will be in section depend on pose type, 


BED POSES, For the bed/Floor poses will be like this.

1- Dance
2- Foreplay
3- Oral
4- Standing
5- Missionary
7- Ride
8- Fetish

As the pictures shows.






Dance poses section :- The partners dance together and do soft dance poses and movements together like as kiss, hugs,hold hands, etc.. use same dance set but in partnership, The dance and movements changing automatically for all partners if any of partners change dance or movement,

Add new poses sections (Standing, Missionary, Behind and Ride). As the pictures show up.

Add continuity pose (pose or movement that to change from pose to any other pose so change poses will be smooth and with continue movement) For example,

continuity pose will be getting female head down slowly when change from pose 1 to 2.
continuity pose will be getting female up when change from pose 2 to 3.
continuity pose must be between poses so it will give poses system high level reality,

Move Bisexual poses section to be inside others poses section. And it will be shown just if both partners sex setting bisexual poses option is ON,

Merge Vaginal and anal of same pose to be one pose shape and add outside penis optional.
Control where the penis will be (outside, Vaginal , anal) in sex control panel, with smooth continuity pose change between them without need to ask partner's permission to change between them. because it already decided in sex settings if accept anal. As the picture shows


Move Sport section to Foreplay, And move some foreplay poses to be as entrance to others poses sections,

Add button to give male avatar ability to cumshot while any pose, (Penis get to be outside and cumshot) it will be in sex control panel beside the cum button as the picture show.


Add ability to female avatars belly to growing up if the male cum inside, it will be on/off in sex setting,

Add ability to be pregnant if female get cumshot inside , pregnant will be as long as female put the pregnancy time in sex setting,,

★ Add ability to female/male avatars to get wetness on the private parts and creampie as i suggested in SOME OF MY SUGGESTION before. as the picture show,


Add many different moaning sounds in sex setting to choose from it,

  Add new setting section (Sex setting) to control what i suggested up. In sex setting can control if accept anal sex, bisexual, pregnant, belly grow up, Moans sounds, etc.

Move bed/sofa bisexual oral poses to be in oral poses and it will be shown just if all partner sex setting bisexual is ON,



Move this pose to be in Foreplay section,



Sofa poses

★ For sofa poses it will be like the picture shows,


Others features poses, for example for stool sex poses can be all poses in same section, the same for table. and others.


★ About Lovense toy owner in profile, make it be shown on selected avatar, Not be shown on the others two offline avatars profiles in same account,

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The only "problem" i'll see with this system is that non sexual poses will be placed in the same tabs than the sex poses. It will make harder to find them

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I would also like some kind of "highlight" on which position you will be taking in 3some poses. Right now it is a crap shoot on whether or not you will end up in the position you were trying to get into, or the other person (M in MMF or F in FFM) will end up in that position.

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12 hours ago, Leeloo said:

The only "problem" i'll see with this system is that non sexual poses will be placed in the same tabs than the sex poses. It will make harder to find them

I dont see that as a problem. Once you understand a system like this that's categorised properly then you'll know where everything is. As it is now? its a guess.

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