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Lovense x 3DXChat Summer Rave Party Builder Contest

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Tiazinha, I think everyone can see how you want to vampirize this contest, even if you don't want to participate.

You start to say you want to be a builder for Lovense/3DXchat WITHOUT contest, and then you try to discredit this contest, then discourage people from participating.. And now you want to be the instructor for participants ?? Don't you think you're abusing a little ?

I think no comment is necessary about YOUR ego. Do what you want, say what you want (but don't forget to say participants FPS is also a hardware question: better to test with a little PC) and leave me alone now, I don't want to answer indefinitely to your faulty insinuations and provocations.





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Posted (edited)


So a fair contest for all people in your opinion is to vampirize the contest.

Honestly the biggest reason I don't want to participate in a contest is people like you who don't accept defeat .

Now that it's clear that populism won't be the only way to decide the winner I want everyone to participate.

 I'll edit my post recommending the contest. Thanks for letting me know

What's wrong with me building something for Lovense? If they need it I'll make you like it or not. 

 I can give as many tips as I want, I won't suffer censorship from you

Edited by Tiazinha
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Oh my God... You're incredible. Another malicious insinuation ! I didn't dispute anything and I will never dispute anything about any contest here, you are quietly defaming a person you don't know. I hope you're not always like this. It's very tiring to be constantly forced to defend myself. You don't have to cible me to say that a contest have to be fair. It's an evidence and I want it too, of course ! And the most important thing is to participate, in all competitions, with fair-play. Personnaly, if I wanted to change rules too, I would say "I want to be judged by Redji only". But I am a calm person and I accept the rules whatever they are because I'm not the organizer, don't take advantage with defamatory words because of that.

I don't know why it's so important for you to invoke pretexts for not participating, why you need to target me too (Oh for that I have my little theory know)... Well, you have your reasons... But that doesn't interest the builders here I think (except for the little free drama, thanks for them lol).

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On 5/8/2022 at 10:28 AM, AlexaDarkness said:

@Tiazinhaagree with you regarding heavy room, but that is why most of the ABC Fonts I create are mostly under 100KB... in fact my Curves font is only 17KB... but sadly Shatter font is 159KB, but still low compared to most other font designs.

But yes, just because a room looks good, does mean it will be good for an event, in fact after all the Dancers arrive, the room could crash



However after investigating the rules & requirements of the contest... its to excessive for me, plus I can't Sketch to save my life.  I design in 3D not on paper

Cabin Collection.jpg

Your fonts are amazing. His idea of making it was brilliant because it helps everyone.

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On 5/7/2022 at 8:44 PM, AlexaDarkness said:

So @Redji we can't submit rooms / venue we have already built?  Or have I misread the rules.

Well, if this location has never been opened before) then yes. 

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On 5/11/2022 at 8:50 PM, Tiazinha said:

-Now the popular vote won't be the only way to decide the winner so I recommend the contest to everyone. but I will not participate so as not to have complaints.

I want to expose some data to all competitors so no one feels wronged. 

if the contest is based on the number of votes and views and you Builder has no support from anyone I advise you not to participate.






It doesn't say anywhere about public voting ) I'm against it too )) 


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5 hours ago, Redji said:

Não diz em nenhum lugar sobre votação pública) também sou contra)) 


Sorry for my bad English, I only know the basics, I am from Brazil and the English teaching here was not very good for me.
I must have misinterpreted what I read so please disregard what I wrote.

But I am glad that Redji and I have the same opinion.😍



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Posted (edited)
15 hours ago, Tiazinha said:

Your fonts are amazing. His idea of making it was brilliant because it helps everyone.

I was actually a loser in the 3DX City Build Competition  ... However because a majority of the contestants used my Fonts, I was awarded a 1 month code.

And yes I am still building them... 


Edited by AlexaDarkness
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Latest update on May 24: After reviewing the submissions and taking into consideration the feedback given by the builders' community on the contest, the judging panel will be making changes to the contest terms, prizes and contest timeline. New details will be shared later. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. 

Please stay tuned to this thread for the latest updates to our 3DXChat Summer Rave Party Builder Contest. 

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Posted (edited)
On 4/28/2022 at 6:41 AM, Gizmo said:

This is a good idea, it is included in the list for discussion. But it is not worth counting on in this competition.
Also, we do not recommend using 2 toys (Dolce and Hyphy) until the next patch is released. The release time of the patch is to be specified. I will let you know when it is available.



This Idea will be wonderful because I won't have to model the book covers. We save time and can create more useful things.


Edited by Tiazinha
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Hey 3DXChat Builders!

Shoutout to everyone who took part in our Lovense x 3DXChat Summer Rave Party Builder Contest. Submissions have been closed and the judging panel have went through all successfully submitted entries.

After taking into consideration the feedback received from the builders’ community, as well as reviewing the format of the submission for this contest, the judging panel has decided to tweak the terms of the contest to better assess the quality and skills of the contestants.

Please join us in congratulating our Top 3 Finalists, shortlisted based off their submitted concepts:

  • Allalon
  • OliverX
  • JustinCredible

You’ll now be required to create the world and submit your final world files for the final round of judging to crown our winner!

The latest contest terms are as follows:

Judging Panel Weightage:
Lovense Team (25%) | 3DXChat Team (25%) | Redji (25%)
Public Votes (25%)

Final World Submission Deadline:
Jun 25, Sat, 23:59 UTC+0

Public Voting Period:
Jun 27, Mon, 12:00 UTC+0 to Jul 6, Wed, 23:59 UTC+0

Screenshots of the final completed worlds, along with their world concept will be posted for 3DXChat gamers to vote for their favorite world! A lucky voter will be selected to win 1 x Lovense Toy of the Winner’s Choice (excluding Lovense Sex Machine).

Winner’s Announcement:
Jul 13, Wed, 12:00 UTC+0

For the full updated terms of contest and updated winner/lucky voter prizes, please check out our thread starter post here: https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/14083-lovense-x-3dxchat-summer-rave-party-builder-contest/&do=findComment&comment=439351

Thank you.

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  • 2 weeks later...
On 4/27/2022 at 4:11 PM, Diana Prince said:

would be the best thing ever if we could just import png files and use them like a wallpaper in our rooms!
How about that, @Gizmo?

Omg this would be fantastic! I know there is some program some people use to convert pictures into buildable pixel walls etc (it was done with a photo of myself and someone I dated and put into their build) but if we could use our own pictures as wall paper like the textures/materials we have in build mode, I would be elated! 

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