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Insatiable Clubs šŸ’‹ ELVIS PRESLEY's 1st record CelebrationšŸ’½- 3/13/22 - 8PM EDT


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760208194571862026.gif?size=40&quality=lInsatiable Clubs760208194571862026.gif?size=40&quality=l
Presents The SUNDAY NIGHT ROCK SHOW794711906928951346.webp?size=40&quality=
Ā 952015248855007382.gif?size=40&quality=lA celebration to honor the release of ELVIS PRESLEY's 1st record952015248804687873.webp?size=40&quality=

Ā 952015249257676811.gif?size=40&quality=lTonight @ 8PM EDT952015249257676811.gif?size=40&quality=l
Driving Down RTE 69 RoadhouseĀ 
you find yourself a vintage rock n roll bar!
the views & Sounds of the 50's and 60's in full format952015248804683830.gif?size=40&quality=l
Ā cameras broadcasting on the air to show the best outfits around that will be given a prize!769987955862667274.gif?size=40&quality=l


Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  947222119027204096.gif?size=40&quality=lThe Best 50's - 60's Rock n Roll Tunes By947222119027204096.gif?size=40&quality=l
Ā Mommabear947222119002021889.webp?size=40&quality=Tene947222119002021889.webp?size=40&quality=Jamin'Jamie947222119002021889.webp?size=40&quality=DemiTx


Ā  Ā  Ā  3DX's Most Desired Dance Team Doing The TWIST !


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