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Connection refused message


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Hi. For some reason i couldn't post in the required customer support section of the forum so I'm putting this here in the hope someone can help. 

Background: I downloaded the game around a week ago and it worked fine for 5 days no issues at all at home on my home broadband or while out and about through my mobile hotspot. EE. On Thursday i try to play the game while connected to my hotspot and i keep getting connection refused message. The game loads i can see my freinds list my profile their profiles. I can't see shared worlds or chat. After around a minute i get connection refused message. The game still works fine while at home though on my bt broadband. 


I have contacted customer services who sent me links to do tests which all come back green and say i should be good to play. I've ran ping tests on my laptop and they're all good. I also received a link to reinstall the game so i did so but still get the same problems. 


I'm getting a little frustrated waiting for customer support to email back, Its taking around 24hours each time. So i'm putting this here in the hope someone can help. I'm in the UK



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