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I've been asked a lot of questions about the new World builder items, so I spent some time to study them.

The snow has a couple of limitations you need to know about. Firstly is the size, the way its designed, is as you enlarge it, the spread of snow becomes thinner and the smaller it is, the more compact the spread. Think of it this way, within the snow box, theres say 100 snow flakes drop per second, now if you enlarge the box to cover a world the size of Havasu, there's still 100 flakes per second dropping, but evenly spread over that entire world, so you will be lucky to see a single flake every now and then, but you will see them.

The second is the fall distance, this is limited so it can cause problems if you are using it on very uneven ground or different levels within a single area. An example is a 5-story building of mine, I had the snow set so I could see it on the top floor outside the window, but there was no snow visible on the ground level or first floor.

The other item is the teleport pads, the only issue I came across with these is they need to be very clearly above the floor surface, if even slightly hidden below, they seem to foul and not work or not work smoothly every time. There an icon with 2 feet pictured, make sure that is clearly visible. Its not like the spawn point, where you want to keep that as close to the floor as possible so you're not elevated in the air upon spawning.. The teleport can be many inches in the air with no side effects.

I don't believe any of these are bugs, but rather limitations on the design of what we have, maybe they can change/fix them but going off other things implemented over the years here, I wouldn't count on this ever getting any attention. So with this in mind, make sure you understand these limitations and you will go a long way to be able to work around them. For starters, the entire room does not need covering, its like the fog, you only need to cover what you actually walk through and see from your point of view and at the points of interest in your worlds.

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The only way to do it is to add the snow in areas where players are most likely to be hanging out.... like as you mentioned, the forest, if there is nothing there, it is useless to add snow there as it will be waste and it will cause the room to lag.... so i always suggest that you minimize the unseen / unused objects from the rooms.... Myself is a perfectionist and I love detail work but I cant do it here for limitation so I only add details where players will be able to see and the rest is just  accessories..



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Snow falls a height of 10 meters.

If you place it carefully above a house, you can avoid having snow flakes inside the house.


You can build a one-way teleport by placing one of the pads clearly above the ground (usual procedure) and the other one below the ground.

This feature can be used to distribute incoming people that usually gathers at the spawn point. You can place, say, 9 (3 by 3) one-way teleports at the spawn point so people get distributed by 9 places as soon as they enter a room.


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