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Today I would just like to say a very, very big Thank you to all of you.

  When I published the first pictures here, I didn't had too many expectations, I just thought it was a shame to let them gather dust on my hard drive unused. But the feedback is really great and it makes me very happy when other people also like the pictures.
  I will try in the future to respond more to the suggestions given to me, at least as far as possible with the somewhat limited possibilities here. Just pure porn, however, isn't to be expected here in the future too. Of course, nothing speaks against it, but it's just not the kind of images that would appeal to me personally.
  Otherwise, I look forward to continue to bring together a little more eroticism and sensuality in our everyday life, and perhaps a to inspire the imagination.

  Kisses and a very big Thank you


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Feeling every muscle, tense in slow, seductive movements.
Eyes roaming over your body, little beads of sweat running over your naked skin,
and still completely focused on a sensual dance.
In complete control feel the solid steel of the pole in your hands, the tension increasing, more and more...
...until it discharges into an intense moment of movement and passion.


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