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Boiler Room is a music platform that hosts intimate live music sessions with an invite-only audience in mostly private locations. It started as the reaction from a group of London musicians to the creative restrictions of the ticketed commercial live music circuit and from fans of an emerging London scene to their frustration at the inability for its music to gain the recognition it deserved.
Its the third time we have the Boiler Room Installment running on 3DX and hopefully more times to come.
This month I ve invited two other DJ's to share their set with us. Line up as seen on the flyer.
DJ Isouki will be playing EDM and Uplifiting.
DJ Ash will come up with a secret set. He didnt tell the genre he is playing so it will be a surprise.


I will once again play a Deep House Set but probably the last Deep House Session for a while as I want to shift my sets more into the Minimal & Tech House direction.
I am really looking forward to the 20th of march and I hope to see alot of familar faces around again. Also if you new to the game, make sure you check out the Event.

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Hey Hey,


DJ Ash had to cancel his gig for personal reason so I am missing a DJ spot right now. If anyone wants to spin on Boiler Room that night let me know, otherwise I will just try to extend my set :)


See you on friday!

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hi nikki good tonight I can not be present dsl I have unforeseen forcing me to be asbent but did it anyway you spend the evening bonjours a whole oki biz world and you will tell me how was the evening \ O / I would be on the game Saturday night at the earliest and done there's still good news I'll be dad in less than 9 months veiled good evening biz  :)

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