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The legends. By Moonlight Event


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Reserve the date May 8th.  and🤩 time 6pm Cet in your calendar. 🥰

If you want to enjoy your Saturday evening and listen to good music come to POSIDON ROCK CLUB. 

Each band has their own qualities and each band is unique 

The best thing is. they're all friends of each other's 

And even more exciting there is a new band in 3dxchat. 6 Talented girls Put their passion for music together. And today there is a new band. The Mermaids. 

The Mermaids. On behalf of all the other bands in the game. We welcome you. and We wish you lots of fun and success. 

Advice from Moonlight band.

Be together. And go for it. its not easy but its possible. Chase you're Dreams. 



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