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Looking for a gramophone

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This Item would be very difficult to reproduce in the World Editor due to the cone speaker. It would be very difficult in the very least.

There are no pieces in the editor that can reproduce the curve to the cone or the curved graphics on each petal if you would.

You could copy it close but the cone would not look that great IMHO. That is the only part that would not be possible, the rest of it is a piece of cake.

The only builder in my opinion that would have the skills to do it would be Torax, and haven't seen him jumping up to help lol.

Thought I would provide my opinion since no one has gotten back to you :D

Good luck in your search 🙂


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Not my best work by far, but was mostly just playing around with out of curiosity to see if it was possible to get something sorta like it. If you can use it you're welcome to it about 7kb in size, if not then just ignore it but yah is pretty tough with current object shapes to do.



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I used the thinnest quarter circle, stretched it and made it really slim till it resembled a slice of the cone.
Then I copied, rotated and pasted it till it was a full circle.
When you open the room file, you can see the many single objects it is made of.

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I gave it a try too. What did Diana looks perfect as a shape and curves are perfect cos of quarter circle.

I took another approach, considering that it was made of 12 identical flat sections, i lose the nice curve, but I can work the 12 sections as on the picture.

Best would be to combine both techniques, to have the curves and the 12 sections, but so far, I didnt find out how to do it. Maybe someone else will have an idea!

2021-03-01 12-29-18_485176.png

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this reproduction is really perfect in addition to giving access to the water level. I want to say that the details on such a small object form a bug which makes cross the other structure

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2 hours ago, BroMoonlight said:

I all thanks you a lot !! i appreciate the time that you've spent to do me this , really !! thanks you thank you !!! 


Thanks for inquiring!  I am a proud owner of one already.   Looks great in my cabin!

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