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Boiler Room is a music platform that hosts intimate live music sessions with an invite-only audience in mostly private locations. It started as the reaction from a group of London musicians to the creative restrictions of the ticketed commercial live music circuit and from fans of an emerging London scene to their frustration at the inability for its music to gain the recognition it deserved.
It is time for another Boiler Room Session here at 3DX. I got a lot of positive feedback after the last session, and I finally have my own stream now so I dont have to go on Ash's nerves anymore :)
Also the location has been updated based on the feedback I got.
As last time there will be house music. Deep House to be specific. As I got no sign ups for a line up from other DJ's I will be doing a 3 hour set once again. As I said in the last post you can always sign up fo a DJ spot on this monthly event. So feel free to PM me if interested so we can discuss details.
Anyhow. I am really looking forward to it and hoping to see all of thoose that were there last time, again


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No. Not sure when I play next. Probably spontanous on NC. Depends if Achi or Ash want to put me live again hehe.


The date for the next Boilerroom session is around 20. March probably. So far it looks good for me for that day. Might be changing though. I ll announce it a week in advance.

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