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Guest Connall

Hi everyone, my name is Connall and some of you have already become my friends,or others might have seen me around.

I'm 39 years old and my hobbies are photoshop, photography, video making and cooking (yeah, I really had to throw that last one in)


Over the years I have been a member of many different forums and one thing always came back, signature banners.

On several forums I used to have a service to offer custom made signature banners for members and even though it's been quite a while since I last did that or even was a part of a community I was thinking that I would like to give something back to this very wonderful community. So, I have designed a banner and would like to offer my services to you guys.


Awaiting approval of the powers that be concerning potential copyright infringes and as a clear goal to make these banners strictly for these forums I will show you what I've come up with.

Now you must know that when making signature banners you can go very, very far and over the years I have seen and even made some very complicated and even animated banners. While cool at first they tend to eat allot of resources and become rather big resulting in the forum beginning to slow down due to the high load (I don't know if that is still the case)


Believing in the philosophy "less is more" I have opted to keep it rather simple yet hopefully somewhat stylish.

The banners are very modular in design and everything can be adjusted in respect to colors and pictures, the format is and will have to stay what it is. (unless this design is not approved and a smaller version needs to be made)


Below you will see my banner and attached I have a banner that for example would be for Bran. This one would still need a mugshot or symbol or whatever you would like.

You can choose your own emerald colors, background, mugshot picture, name, subtext and even logo (currently 3dxchat)


So, if this idea gets approved and I receive the green light I will update this initial post with the instructions of what I need from you to make your custom banner. (if you like them and would like one that is)


With kind regards,






The idea has been approved.

If you find yourself interested in acquiring a banner I kindly ask you to direct your attention below.


Guidelines for requesting a custom banner.




1: Mugshot: This is meant for a picture of your avatar but you can choose whatever you like.

2: Name: Pretty obvious but if you don't want your name, you can choose whatever you want.

3: Background: I have taken a screenshot on the beach and added the mountains to the banner, Kristina chose a screenshot of the island. Again, you can choose whatever you want..

4: Emeralds: Those green thingies on the banner, you can choose the color you would like.

5: Custom Text: Whatever you want.

6: Logo: Again, whatever you want (due to the concerns expressed I will only use the logo for 3dx staff and currently myself) this can be anything, maybe a rose, or a logo from your favorite car etc, go nuts :)


If you want your mugshot to be a picture of your avatar then the best way to get it would be to go into character customization and use the "head" selection to zoom in.

You can adjust the angle of your character and this method would give you the best result.


To take screenshots (correct me if i'm wrong here) is to set your game to windowed mode and use print screen, then open paint (should be standard on all computers) or another graphics program and use "paste"; save as JPEG. Then upload / add to your post; I would like to ask that once you have received your banner you remove the picture(s) to not congest the forums please.




I will post the banner here when it is done, you can grab it and let me know, either in game or by PM. Then I remove it from my album and it's all yours alone.


So, what do I need from you?


1: A picture to go into the mugshot slot.

2: What name do you desire?

3: A picture of the background you want or a clear description of what you want so I can attempt to find it for you myself.

4: What Color emeralds would you like?

5: What custom text?

6: A link or picture of the logo you want. If you don't want a logo at all and have something else in mind I'll be happy to hear it.


Just follow these numbers and I know what you want for each section.

We will try to do this through the forums but if it becomes to troublesome or the forums are being hindered by it I will set up an email to do this, but I would prefer to do it publicly. You can also send me a PM with a link to the location where I can retrieve your mugshot etc...


To eventually use your banner you will need to use one of the many host programs like photobucket or imageshack etc...

Lastly, I won't always be able to make your banner immediately, so I do ask for a little bit of patience, you won't have to wait long.


Hope to hear from you and with kind regards,




*Disclaimer: You are responsible for the banner and you must feed it regularly and be nice to it. Also by posting a request you are giving me permission to use your pictures to make the banner. I am also not responsible or liable for what you do with your banner once you have it. I just make them nothing more.

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Interesting idea and I really like your willingness to help and be proactive  :) . I use a lot of design tools for my work (photoshop, illustrator, indesign, 3ds max, maya, poser, flash etc) and have also been contemplating making my own signature for a few days. If I get to be lazy though even better  :P  :P

I like the designs and I really hope you get the green light on this sir  :)  :) I shall then engage you as one of your first clients so to speak  B)


Nice clean design too, so it should not end up being too large and slowing the forums either. They can be stored on any photoshare website too so it will be a url pointer and not take up local storage  :) Again I like it, thanks for the post and if it takes votes, you sir have mine  :)

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I have given this some thought as I promised and the answer is obviously yes, provided  you stick to the rules, no advertising of any sort, usage of logos or anything partaining to 3DXChat, stays within 3DXChat, unless given otherwise prior written permission by our Admin. Also please keep the signatures to a decent fair size so they dont take up half of the page when loading a a post. It is important that you also get players permission in written to use their names and avatar images,  to avoid any misunderstandings in future.


And btw NICE WORK :)

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Guest Connall

Thank you kindly Bran :)

These signatures would be made on request, so everyone who would apply automatically gives their consent, everyone can provide me with the pictures they would like me to use in the design, the size would be the same and stay the same as the one I have made for myself anyway. Usage outside of 3dxchat is not planned, but I must add that once the signature is done, it would be given to the person that requested it, so they would become responsible for it. With that in mind I can remove the logo and replace it with something generic or so if desired.


My next plan now is to edit my original post to add the disclaimer and the instructions of what I require order to start making them.


Kind regards,



Connall :)

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Is it as hard to install than post a picture ? if yes , no need to read the next line  ^_^


If not i would like one with spider webs on it  B)


*sneak into shadows and return to the darknesses*  :ph34r:

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Guest Connall

Simple and clean, like the design. Would you change the design upon request as well, or is that something you plan on staying with?

The plan is to offer this design, for now.

Once a design is finished, which could take up to hours it is very easy and fast to make banners.

I made Kristina's banner in around 10 or so minutes with most work being the cutting out her mugshot.


If I need to make a complete new design for everyone it would take allot of time.

There can always be new designs in time so people can choose if the community remains interested but for now with ease and speed of creation in mind I would like to stick with this one.

I do welcome other people to come up with their own design off course, I don't plan on having an monopoly here ^^


I'm also always open for suggestions :)


I'm in the process of writing down the guidelines and they will be up very shortly.

They will be edited into the original post.

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Guest Connall

I like your signatures really a lot and I would like you to make one for me, after you offered it.


Here you go :)




Hope you like it.

If you want something different let me know.


*Request was done through PM.

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Hey Connall, I will send you a PM and then explain the images that I would like as soon as I get a chance. I will send you a dropbox link instead to down download the files and delete when you are done or re-dropbox back to me  :) Thanks

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