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insert objects into a room


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6 hours ago, Ritter said:

Hello, I want to insert some objects that I download in my living room, but I can't find how, can someone help me please.

Would recommend saving your current file you mean to merge it into, then open the object file and make sure you move that object at distance to where you think current built you want it into is at or move it up into a elevated state where you don't think it will overlap existing items. As when you merge items from object file into your build, it won't have those item selected by default, so if they happen to overlap locations with some existing stuff it means they could potentially be hard to spot once they're in your built after the merge.

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Best way to proceed:

- Save the map/world/room you want to put your object in (file>save)

- Empty your room (file>clear all props) it will let only the landing spot where it was in your room.

- Load the object you want to put in your room (file>merge from file>your item)

- Select the object (all parts) and move it close to your landing spot so it's easy to recover (some are really a mess to find if you don't do that) and save it (file>save selected)

- Re-download your room (file>load from file>your room). It will ask you if you want delete all installed props, say yes.

-Once your room is loaded, load your object (file>merge from file>your item). It will now appear in the last saved position (near your landing spot)

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