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Liberty Island 02/01/21

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A bit of history...

Originally, the island served as a base for oyster fishing for more than 3 centuries and withstood high tides. When the settlers arrived, they called it "Oyster Island". The island then passed into the hands of several individuals becoming Bedloe's Island, aka Love Island, before being requisitioned by the State of New York to create a quarantine zone against the smallpox and after becoming a defensive fort for the army (Fort Wood) around the 1800s.

By the time it was chosen for the Statue of Liberty in the 1880s, the fort was outmoded and obsolete, disused and its substantial stone walls were then used as the distinctive base for the Statue of Liberty given by the Third French Republic for the American 1876 centenary celebrations. It had become a part of the base for the Statue of Liberty after the island was first seen by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, the statue's sculptor.

The construction of the statue was completed in France in July 1884. The cornerstone was laid on August 5, 1884, and after some funding delays, construction of the pedestal was finished on April 22, 1886. The statue arrived in New York Harbor on June 17, 1885, on board the French frigate "Isère", was stored for eleven months in crates waiting for its pedestal to be finished, and was then reassembled in four months. On October 28, 1886, the Statue of Liberty was unveiled by President Grover Cleveland. The name Liberty Island was made official by Congress in 1956.

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The idea of creating Liberty Island came to me while I was building Midtown New York. After much research, I found the plans for the statue and immediately began to build the head of the statue and the hand holding the torch. I noticed that the rendering was not so bad so I continued to build it from top to bottom and then created the pedestal. Seeing that the statue looked good, I continued to build the island with these buildings. The room then became more and more real and identical to the real version. 

It took me about 2 months to build it and you will be able to discover it this Saturday in its first version open to the public. In these times of confinement, maybe it will allow you to travel a little and discover one of the most famous island in the world ?



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The Statue of Liberty is located in the harbor of New York City, USA. To be a little more exact, it is on an island, formerly called Bedloe's island and now called Liberty island, 2Kms and a half south of Manhattan.

The bay of New York is well protected from bad weather. The waters are calm, which explains why we could use such a low island to build first a military fort, then the base of the statue. The island is only 2 meters high. It is relatively rare that visiting boats cannot dock because of bad weather. As for the facilities themselves, they are almost safe, the gales are not strong enough to worry the authorities. Exceptions exist, as for example that day when the hurricane swept New York, but even there the damage was not very important.

The island is not very far from the shores of the Hudson River, but do not think to swim there. At the closest, there is Liberty State Park, due west. In a straight line, there is 610m of distance to get to the side of Marris Pesin Drive. Northward, the first land is Ellis Island, the famous island where immigrants used to land. It is 700m away. Farther, 1.5 km due East, you will arrive at Governors Island, another island located just before Brooklyn. Finally, to get to Manhattan, the fastest way is to go North-East for 2Kms and 670m to get to the nearest point: Battery Park. The other possible points of arrival are more distant: Brooklyn, in the Southeast, is 2,3 Kms and New Jersey is 2,750m in the Southwest.

As long as we are at the distances, know that the Statue of Liberty is 5,852Kms and 450m from its Parisian replica!


2021-01-01 12-07-10_332985.jpg

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are about to land at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Please fasten your seat belts and fold your seat. The temperature on the ground is 4 degrees Celsius. We hope you had a comfortable flight with us and wish you a pleasant stay in New York City.

For those travelling to Liberty Island you will find all the information on the following poster:


See you after :)


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