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3DXChat Community!

Now other players can financially support the development of your worlds.

How to start accepting donations:
1. Register on Patreon;
2. Enter your Patreon link in the input field. World Editor/Settings:

3. Share your world
4. All world visitors will see a button that allows donating to the creator of the world:

By posting your link to Patreon in 3DXChat you agree to the following rules:
1. Follow Patreon's terms of use;
2. It is forbidden to announce fundraising anywhere (In the name of the World, World Chat, Local Chat, Private Chat, Profile, Forum, etc);
3. It is forbidden to advertise donating to your User Worlds in World Chat, Private Chat, Local Chat. Excluding Local Chat from your own world.
4. It is forbidden to use links to other games.

If you're found violating the rules, we reserve the right to disable monetization for the user or block the account for a certain period.

We wish you a pleasant game!

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