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This is not my first experience with DDOS.  It appears to me that some people take great joy in taking down another's game. In another virtual world, I was accountant for a music stream provider.

Of course they are traceble, but that would gain nothing. DDoS-Attacks happens with a bot net, which you can buy for a few bucks in the Darknet, every Script Kiddie can make a DDoS-Attack nowaday

They couldn't have delayed, they had to get the game up, and under the new DDoS protection. Then wait for the next attack so that the protection provider can see the actual malicious traffic and begin

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Just now, SusanLouisa said:

WHERE had 3dx said we were attacked again?? I have searched for it here and on their discord and there is no such message that I can find. Stop spreading bullshit if there has been no message from Lisa or Gizmo.


Check the new build thread by them :)

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Just now, Stefan said:


look at this topic what Maxinejuicer linked in this thread or use this topic


Stefan that was the first place I looked and saw nothing at the time.  Maybe it was blind rage?  Either way the message had nothing to do with Building. But thank you so much for the assistance.

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