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Our goal at Charlie Vogue.

To become 3DX's Number one fashion magazine. Our aim is to inspire and impower fashion and beauty lovers to try and be the best versions of themselves.

We our devoted to make our content truly unique and innovate. We believe that the quailty of our photography and storytelling will make us a force!

We are aiming to release this on a monthly basis


The magazine will feature

  • A monthly front cover star that will feature a exclusive interview and never seen before unique photoshoots.
  • Articles will range from:
    10 ways how to look and dress like certain celebritys in 3dx
    How it feels to be colded from a females perspective.
    Scents that match your star sign.
    20 high heels we must own to look elegant.
    How to play hard to get.
    step by step guides on how to colour pallet.

    Many more the list is endless.
  • We will have various colums ranging from social aspects to old fashion trends.
  • Double page advertising for example needing a model to wear Prada or advertising perfume.
  • We will run monthy awards to the best dressed or the most iconic looks of the month.
  • Competitons.

The real first issue will be released soon!!






Discord -- Drake Martinez666#3182

Charlie Vogue Discord Channel - https://discord.gg/dHdY66S


If you join our creative team you will be given your very own personal credit card and company car!







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Update and new art!

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    💅💋💃 Charlie Vogue Recruitment 💅💋💃
Apply if you've got the sassy style and that female impowerment confidence. I'm looking for a team of creative invidiuals to make this vision way more powerful the VOGUE is 

    💅💋💃 Charlie Vogue Discord Channel 💅💋💃 https://discord.gg/T3ehv8

Or pm DrakeMartinez or JunBug in game or in discord
                                        DrakeMartinez666#3182  JunBug#2764                                                 

   InfluencersWanted.thumb.jpg.9a2c9a370f659ab6b4e8212a3ff93218.jpg                       JournalistsWanted.thumb.jpg.a4f37f980c8070cdd9fc66bf173dd97f.jpg              JournalistsWanted.thumb.jpg.a4c631d17305a74e1f827658719d0d2e.jpg                                          secretaryWanted.thumb.jpg.5f94a7fdd06facc1c3c1dd99526ac3a3.jpgC-_Users_Mike_Desktop_Everything-3DX_3DX-Recruitment-Post_ModelsWanted.thumb.jpg.d46b18847ff988350b258d1e14fadcea.jpg


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On 6/5/2020 at 8:06 AM, DrakeMartinez666 said:

                💁‍♀️The birth of CHARLIE VOGUE.💁‍♀️

First things first! My name is DRAKE MARTINEZ 🙍‍♂️, The creator of the Charlie Vogue brand.  I'm obessed with girls acting all fancy and sassy as fuck.💁‍♀️💃 That i came up with an idea of a girly fashion magazine. My aim is to release a monthly issue magazine.

  • Exclusive interviews! 👌
  • Photoshoots ( Photoshop them ladies with abit of vivid smart filters and select and mask them ladies in all of the fashion capitals of the WORLD! 🤪
  • Editing the pictures with all of the famous celebritys. Who doesn't wanna be doing a photoshoot in Malbibu or Rocking it with Sean Paul in a low-rider in Miami.
  • Cover storys 😁
  • Very unique articles maybe like
    10 ways how to make you feel like and dress like a dangerous women
    How it feels to be colded from a male avatars perspective
    How to look like a 3dx kardashian.
    Many more endless ideas
  • Annual Beauty Awards 💋

My goal is to make a Charlie Vogue a success and hopefully turn this this brand and make it become the pixel version of the kardashian brand. 😲. Hopefully my host my own fashion shows. or even run something like VICTORIAS SECRET MODELS . I hope you are kind because i'm newish to 3dx I've just got the urge to build something because i sure as hell can't build rooms!  




CharlieVougeMagazine.pdf 68.31 MB · 10 downloads

Welcome   and Congrats  from the Management, Dancers, Band, Greeters  and Security Dept of the 20 Risque Clubs....

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Posted (edited)

Not to muck up this thread with a comment, but love the artwork and creativity here!  Thank you for sharing. 🙂

Checking my local newsstand now for my own copy!  I may live in the land of lumberjacks but we got our feminine side. 🤪

Feel free to delete.

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Looks incredible, great idea and concept. I am highly interested in being a part of this team, anyone who knows me knows I love Fashion. 

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Dear readers

We are proud to present the very first issue of Charlie Vogue. I pesonally apoglise for the wait. This project has been a really steap learning curve. Things are always hard in the beginging
Hopefully everything is set now that we can focus on producing monthly issues.

I'm gunna go get drunk at a minibar and trash an hotel :P

Please enjoy! hope you like it.


Here is a link if you dont want to download the pdf.


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Posted (edited)

Finally! Congratulations! 

Why don`t you use any blog with pages and themes? I don`t really use .pdf today. I will look at the issue later. 

PS: did it. 

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