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StarrFyre's Intergalactic Starr Ship Event 2: Music Is Life!

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A Very special 2 Day Event is coming to you this Saturday, March 14th and Sunday March 15, as a 2nd Annual Event aboard the Intergalactic Starrship Sinsual, our Dj StarrFyre's own Interplanetary Starship!

We invite & Welcome Everyone to come and hear our amazing set of 16 Dj's from many different countries who are participating in this special Event. DJ StarrFyre will be in attendance and will close out the event on Sunday evening.

We begin each day at 4:00 PM EDT and end at 12:00 PM Midnight both days.


                                                                             Final_Group_Poster.png?width=805&height=610                                                                             Starship Sinsual's DJ's 

          Come in and have an "Out of this World Experience!"




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