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Found 5 results

  1. Bonjour à tous, MOON est un nouveau groupe français de danse synchronisé . Nous avons une autre vision de la danse synchro et préfèrons nous produire directemant en salle, au contact du public plutot que sur une scene qui nous prive de nos libertés. Si vous cherchez un équipe jeune et dynanique, contacter nous. Hello everyone, MOON is a new French synchronized dance group. We have a different vision of synchronized dance and prefer to perform directly in the room, in contact with the audience rather than on a stage that deprives us of our freedoms. If you are looking for a young and dynanic team, contact us.
  2. Rock and Roll Night at the Renaissance Faire Party on Saturday Aug 15th 2020, 7:00 P.M. central U.S. time. Dancers, DJ's and fun! Hosted by Charity Fine.
  3. Ladies and gentlemen, dear organizers and room owners ! It's time for us to present ourselves to you. We are the Pole Cats, and would be honored to dance for you. *puuurrs* No no my dearrrrr, we're not an other dance team, at least, not just that. We are 20 trained dancers. Specialised in... climbing the pole, meow ! *Whispers* Sometime twho of us are enjoying the same one. We are 5 pole dancer on stage, plus 3 synch dancers. We build our shows around our own stages. And those stages, my dearrrr, we have 20 of them, each one of them ready do be shared and merged easily into any kind of room. Choose a cat tree, and the Pole Cats will come dance for you !
  4. Magik's new world is open and we are throwing a Grand Opening Party on Thursday April 2, 9:00 PM est. The DreamGirls are dancing and prancing! We got hot DJs Jamie Lynn and Charity Fine who happens to be me! Fun Fun Fun! Please make it if you can Limbo is a fun place to party and to explore.
  5. Camden

    Ladies Night

    Join DJ Spin at Sin Club this Saturday to celebrate Ladies in Music. We will have male dancers (I remember who you are ) on the stage. The music will be broken down like this: First hours: Rock, Metal, Alternative and Kpo Next Hours: Hip Hop and R&B Last Hours: Pop and Various, with the Soul Tribute in the final hour. DJ Spin hopes to see you there Special Thanks to Lovely Shanti for the Posters
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