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Found 5 results

  1. Forum Challenge while servers are down (Not for regular forum posters, you been there, done it, got the T shirt but you can advise and help if needed or join in some fun forum games if you wish. Thanks) Here you are - a challenge to improve your Forum Skills 1. Make your profile interesting to look at and read. 2. Post 1 a day in 3dxChat Forum. (more if you wish) Are you up for it? See below to help you Good Luck & I look forward to reading you. Profile Instructions Forum Profile. 1. Click on your name, top right. 2. From Drop down menu, choose “My Settings” & clic
  2. After the ceremony, we will be hopping over to another room where we will be CeLeBrAtInG!! <3 Join us!! The room is open to everyone...... Bring your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend etc.... or come single. Always new HEARTS to be found......... We look forward to seeing all who can make it <3
  3. This game is nothing NEW to anyone here, but lets make it crazy, lets make it FUN! Here GOES >>>>>>>>>>> I opened the door to my bedroom and found___________________________? ​(the next person to post will finish my sentence! Then you will leave space for the next person to add on to your sentence!) I look forward to ​seeing HOW crazy you all can make this game!!! LMAO!
  4. Ok you guys/girls! It's time to show 3DxChat just how business has boomed over these past 3 years. I KNOW that most of us have brought other players from other virtual world games over to 3DxChat! You can be discrete about it, and just vote, OR if you feel froggy, please do tell us how many people you brought over and who they are to you (boyfriend/exboyfriend, girlfriend/exgirlfriend, friend, lover/exlover, etc....... I look forward to seeing where this poll GOES!! AND I WILL START: I was brought here by a friend/sister, PrincessSparkleButt from the game IMVU. I then in return I broug
  5. Hey, The forum has several double topics, triple, sometimes more. Do you wish to have them merged as one when it's the case ? Before taking this action, wanted your opinions on the matter, since it has some consequences. Consequences : 1/ You may not be the Original Poster anymore, topics are merged into the oldest one (time and date) 2/ When merged, comments are integrated in oldest topic chronologically by time/date, which will lead to discussions being cut off, and eventually look a bit messy. Will let this up for a while, and proceed according to the outcome.
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