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Found 2 results

  1. Hey 3DXChat Community! I am writing this to say I won't be as active folks, going to be putting my minds focus on other things for a little while so you may not see much of me. Big Hugs to my great friends who have been there, you are wonderful people and I am so happy to call you my friends. You can keep in touch in PM on here or anywhere else that you have me on like Skype etc... But I won't be active much in game and such. Got a few IRL things to do, so I won't be around much, I may log in from time to time, but will be putting my focus on other things! I hope you are all doing well and I love you all, thank you for being such a wonderful Community! I will still be doing the Answers from Developers thread so don't worry I just won't be around as much, so don't stop sending those questions and queries in for the Developers! Big Hugs for you all and I wish you all the best with things that you do! This isn't a good bye so to speak just letting you all know why I won't be around much at all! Take good care of yourselves you wonderful people I will miss you! Kindest Regards MrAsh
  2. Hey everyone just wanted to put up a thread for all the randomness no matter what it is, I know theres a couple like this but stiff this one is mine lol, So I guess I'll start it off.... Last week I was watching a show on discovery science about the human brain, now on the show they said that we all process info a little differently if they didn't we would all be pretty much the same person and that got me thinking. Does someone else see what I would call blue as different like red or green, but to them that is blue. Now I know it would be impossible to ever find out or prove/disprove because then it would be like trying to explain colours to someone born blind but yeah....food for thought You walk through a door, the sky is the ground and sheep openly rebel, you have entered the Random Zone
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