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Found 3 results

  1. TMF would like to thank everyone for the support we have received from you over the past year! Great DJs, awesome dancers, beloved friends & girlfriends and all our guests. 2020 was a special year for us in many ways. And we hope that 2021 may bring you all the good. TMF will open its doors again for you in January. On Monday January 4 TMF Summer Club and on Saturday January 16 TMF The Hall with a special! We wish you a wonderful New Year and a blessed 2021! Team TMF CarlaLove - Paulina - Silvie Sun
  2. Okay here it is. This topic will have only one purpose. Thank something to the devs. To Gizmo, Lisa, I don't know who else is there but this game is not running itself. This game is not getting better on it's own. This game is not operated with hot air. We have seen a lot of posts taking things granted, complaints and demands. Asking for something all the time, offering "feedback" all the time, complaining all the time, and so on will never motivate the developers to please you. One thing is much more powerful than legal stuff, being right or being knowledgeable is gratitude. I made
  3. The Golden rule, often goes unspoken here, because we should all know intrinsically: Real life comes first. By that principle, I must bid the game adieu for now, though I intend to return when I can, perhaps next year Before leaving, I'd like to invite you, friends and strangers alike, to party with me one last time ♪ ♫ For the awesome moments shared, and memories created, these past 14 months... I'll be performing live (bar any technical glitches) for as long as my vocals remain sweet Not certain of the time yet (as I normally have much longer to plan), but probably starting around 7PM-
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