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Found 13 results

  1. Location for couple and for intimate moments. (Light kb) ISLA BONITA.world
  2. Mocha's Jazz Hive Club 3pm - 6pm CET Host & DJ MochaHunny with her own mix of Jazz to entertain you with something different for once Stardust 4pm - 8pm est (SAT) 10pm - 2am cet (SAT) HOST BECKYROXI DJ STARDUST, Guest Dj's & WITH THE STARDUST DANCERS. OLDIES, ROMANTICS & Rock FROM THE 50'S TO NOW TO ENTERTAIN YOU Vibrations 9pm - 1am EST 3am - 7am CET Host DJ SpicySweet, & DJ RockinRick, All Live DJ'S, Voice's to melt on, Flaunt The Dance Team and a Pop/Rock mix to keep you bouncing Want to see all our party's? https://twitter.com/DavinaS_3dx, https://3dxclubsevents.wordpress.com/category/events/, https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/calendar/19-events/2020/8/ https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/11553-united-independents-parties-saturday-29082020/ https://3dxevents.neocities.org/ https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/forum/63-general-forum/ Double D Stream plus other 3DX DJ's can also be found here, http://eln.atwebpages.com/listentostreams.html
  3. Minni's Clubhouse - 4pm - 7pm CET Host & DJ MinniRacer with her own unique venue 3days aweek with 3 different genres to make your afternoons bounce StarDust - 9pm - midnight EST Thursday 3am - 6am CET Friday Host BeckyRoxi DJ Stardust with a mix from the 50's to now, pop, oldies and romantics
  4. Becky's 10pm - 1am CET 4pm = 7pm EST Host Beckyroxi with DJ stardust and a mix of oldies and modern romantic's Halo 8pm - 11pm EST (Saturday & Wednesday) 2am - 5am CET (Sunday & Thursday) Host RoseWulf, DJ's AlphaWulf & GithWulf with their amazing new venue (lag issues resolved) & a great, fun Rock Mix.
  5. With Valentines Day looming, I thought it would be nice to know the history of Valentines Day as explained in the video below and a nice friendly topic to send Valentine wishes to your loved one & friends. The History of St Valentine's Day.
  6. Tropical Desires A Love Island Special Event 5 Hours of live streaming by: JessicaX & LilCreampie We will be playing all your favorite love songs, rock ballads, and will also be taking your requests. Join us for a lovely, relaxing, and romantic evening.
  7. Announcing the Grand Opening of a new Great Music based club and Play house! WET AND WILD is coming your way! Its an easy to load room with Live DJ's and great options for your entertainment pleasure. The Tropical night views of sand, surf and Moonlight are not to be missed! I am also pleased and proud to have DJStarrfyre as my special guest DJ for part of the evening as well as myself & DJ Oolisa, perhaps a surprise appearance by a few others. MUSIC IS LIFE.. as Starr says. The club will then be open two nights regularly during the week. This new club features build and design of RobPathfinder and myself in a joint venture. Its two levels, 3 sections,Deep blue walls & glass ceilings, with lots of dance and entertainment spaces. There is something for literally everyone to enjoy. Date: Friday February, 23rd, 2018 TIMES: 7:00 P.M EST to Midnight. HOSTESS: DJWildHoney Live Broadcast Music provided by: *DJStarrFyre, *DJOolisa, *DJPhyrraElysium and *DJWildHoney Thank you Ladies, I know you are going to Rock & add Magic to this special night! Theme: Tropical Honey Nights So put this date on your calendars and come help us launch this awesome new club! See you there! (a Few pictures to give you an idea) My Deepest Thanks to the many people that have made this night possible! You all know who you are. I love you !!!!
  8. Tropical Desires A Love Island Special Event 5 Hours of live streaming by: JessicaX & icecream We will be playing all your favorite love songs, rock ballads, and will also be taking your requests. Join us for a lovely, relaxing, and romantic evening.
  9. Hello 3DXChat Community! MrAsh here! I am here to announce that I, and LovelyTezz, will be hosting a Love Themed Event on Love Island on Friday 24th April 2015 @ 9pm GMT (10PM UK Time) It has been requested for a long time to have a love themed event in game, that is strictly love songs and the like being played all night long and so I thought to myself why not! It is something people have wanted for awhile! So here it is, the event will become a reality! LovelyTezz is helping me with the Song List, so you have her to thank for all the Music choices that are chosen and played at the event! (As I am hopeless when it comes to that sort of music hehe) So I have LovelyTezz to thank for that, and I hope you all will do too! It's something special and something different and I hope you all will enjoy it as much as me and LovelyTezz will! So everyone get ready for the event, and I will make sure to make it a remembered one! I have a strong feeling it will be a great night and for many reasons so I hope you all will be there even if you aren't a couple with someone, you never know you might find someone at the event itself! I also have the awesome Twiggy helping with the event also she is going to be doing a little "Couple Matching Dating" event before it, to bring people together ready for the event itself and further beyond! (Hopefully) This event has been in planning for quite some time! And I have decided to make it an extra special one with all these different plans set in motion for it! We also have The Fine Young Bartenders hosting the drinks at the event! So I am happy to have them aboard the event it's going to be one to remember I can feel it! So I hope you all enjoy yourselves to the Love Music into the night and I expect to see many couple dances! And even if one couple find each other through the event and continue together beyond after the event then that makes me extremely happy! I will also be making a nice speech there for the event also so make sure to look forward to that! I cannot wait for it, so many events this month all with their own unique feeling and atmosphere! Let's all make it an awesome night! Hopefully see you all there! Kind Regards MrAsh/LovelyTezz/Twiggy P.S. Thank the lovely Shanti for the poster!
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