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Found 4 results

  1. Well Dears and dears, I promised that I would moved My teaching and musing blogs from RLC to over here... Sooooooo, wish Me luck as I start this process. As will all things Dears and dears, all of this is taken from My Memoirs and My years of experience. Also note, this is the view of Myself, a former RL Dominatrix. Please use as information from a Source, and not a bible. Research, ask questions, discuss with others. Discuss with your Chosen/chosen, and decide what is best for you and them. This is simply information to help clarify things others may run across in their pursuit of knowledge...Until Later ^-~Z
  2. Are you in a relationship, or even a marriage, that exists solely on 3DxChat? Or did your relationship/marriage start out on 3DxChat and move into the real world? If so I’d really love to chat to you. I’m working on a documentary about virtual relationships and really want to make sure the programme ends up being an accurate and authentic exploration into dating and relationships in the virtual world. In order to do this I need to speak to as many people as possible with experience of virtual relationships. There would be no obligation to appear in the programme, I just want to learn as much I can and hear about as many different experiences as possible to make sure that we deliver a responsible documentary. Please send me a private message if you would like to chat to me. Thanks! Hannah
  3. Ever been in a long term relationship in real life (or 3dx) where after it's over and the dust had settled, you find yourself thinking... "Damn, a lot of crazy shit happened....so was it really love or some crazy trip off some good acid?" The things they did to you...was just...@.@ Of course, I do not regret any of my relationships (real life and virtual) but some of my past relationship stories could be sold to telenovelas. At least the ride was fun. -Ends Rant-
  4. I posted yesterday asking to hear about people's experiences of relationships on 3DXChat and am really grateful for the responses I've had so far! I would also really like to speak to a couple who are considering meeting in real life. I'm working on a documentary in the UK about virtual relationships and we what to explore what happens when these relationships move into the real world. If this applies to you it would be great to hear from you - by responding you wouldn't be under any obligation to appear in the programme, it would just be to chat more about your story and allow me to speak about the documentary in more detail. Please feel free to send me a private message. Thanks! Hannah
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