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Found 21 results

  1. Hi to all! An idea came up that it would be helpful to add buttons to display rooms in the friends list. It would help to quickly find rooms open by friends. Perhaps you need a pictogram of the room/doors and color differentiation. Or just put the letters A, F, G - for all, for the group, for friends I'm attaching a schematic of how I see it ))
  2. I have a suggestion of Status for profile like to have option to select. List DJ Host Dancer Writer Photographer Model Producer Builder Escort Looking for ....... It would be nice if we can change profile color based on above status. it will be easy to know and recognize people in game.
  3. Most recently I found few people using some kind of CSS trick to mess with their profile to look like on the pictures. This is looking like some sort of Noise image that may cover a Font color Or either be on top of text or be a background color too.. When i asked these people they did not want to give an answer. I understand them they don't share because they want to be unique but since more than a few people have this profile trick applied this is not unique anymore... And maybe other people like you would not hesistate to share how can it be achieved? Thanks...
  4. Most recently I found few people using some kind of CSS trick to mess with their profile to look like on the pictures. This is looking like some sort of Noise image that may cover a Font color Or either be on top of text or be a background color too.. When i asked these people they did not want to give an answer but maybe other people like you would not hesistate to share how can it be achieved? Thanks...
  5. Whenever I open 3dxchat, the login window shows up correctly and works just fine. When I press login, I am sent to the 3dx home page. Whenever I go to the character editor or to a room, my profile is glitched, my friends list doesn't appear, and I also can't see other user's rooms. Whenever I close out of my profile, I get a disconnection pop up as seen by the screenshot below. I click the reconnect button and it sends me back to the login window. I have tried re-installing the game and I still get this bug. Does anyone else get this bug and know how to fix it?
  6. So currently in-game profiles have a pretty low word count, I think it's somewhere between 150-200. That works fine for most people but I would prefer if I had some extra space to work with. My roleplay usually consists of some strange things that I'd like my partners to know about, however, I don't just want to put it down as a bullet point. Right now I've created a readable summary of my character on my profile, but I can't style it at all since the word counter also counts any html stylings. I'm not sure if anyone else is slightly bothered by this, but I'd love for this to be increased. Another suggestion I've got is a new forum section, preferably an "Introduction" section. This is where people can completely write out their profiles as detailed as they'd like. They'll be able to use colors, creative and descriptive texts, and throw in some images here and there. People can respond to them and you can interact with them fairly easily. Something that I'd love to see with this section is a new additional field within 3dxchat's in-game profiles. A new line where you'd be able to put in the link to your introduction page. In order to prevent anyone from pasting weird links, maybe have it go through a check bot first to see if the url starts with https://3dxforum.com. This way we can keep the shorter summary on our profile and if people want to know more, they can click on the link and read everything you've written on there. I don't know how hard it would be to impliment any of these suggestions, but I'd love to hear what others think about these. Also, I'll apologise if any of this has been poste before, I just wanted to write this down since I figured it would be interesting to add :<
  7. Hiya, I'm not sure if any of this has been mentioned but might I suggest to put a space between location and whatever we've inputted on our profile? Right now there's two options, either you start your location by writing ": Europe" so that it would read as "Location: Europe" or you use the html space code which is "&nbsp;". With the html option it's written as "&nbsp;Europe" that way it reads as "Location Europe". I wasn't really sure where to put it so I posted it here as a suggestion~
  8. So I'm trying to revamp my profile with new images and new text. I removed all of my old images and I'm trying to upload the new ones, but the spinning circle never stops. It uploads the previous images just fine, but none of the new images go through. I've already double checked the file type and file sizes. Every image I upload is saved as .jpg. The first attempt, the image was 530 KB, second one I lowered it down to 175 KB, and the last time it was lowered down to 120 KB. So I really don't understand why nothing's being uploaded. One of the images I had uploaded previously was 765 KB so the file size shouldn't be the problem. The last thing I tried was to save it as a .png file type but that didn't do the trick either. Would anyone happen to know why I can't upload any new files on my profile? Thanks in advance!
  9. Help please. Logged in and my profile is gone, along with friends list, gold, etc. Any way to recover this? Is this a server side issue, or a client side file problem. Thanks in advance.
  10. Guest

    Why alternative characters?

    Hi everyone, I've raised this before in-game and it prompted an interesting discussion. I wanted to add it here so that other people could air their thoughts or at least think about it because I think it's something players of this game should definitely consider. There is a similar game to 3DXChat out there which has this statement on it's website: "You will also be asked to choose a Gender. This can be whatever you wish, and does not have to be your true Gender. This is a fantasy world, so feel free to be whoever you want to be." With each account in 3DXChat there are 3 character slots with 3 different profiles. I think this means that the above statement applies to 3DXChat too, however I have found that in-game there are many people who expect players to be true to their real life selves in character and profile, and that characters that are not are considered fakers. If this is the case why have three character slots with three profiles? Putting two people together who have opposing views on this often causes issues. I've seen it happen several times. So what is the correct approach?
  11. Hello guys, I run a fashion agency in here which is like my hobby and I take pics of my models in here and edit them and while they work for me they can use the pics. Recently one of my models has quit and I've asked her to take down the pictures that I took of her but she refused to do so because she says they are her payment. She said I cant prove that the pictures are mine even though i have my company tag on the bottom of the pictures and I also bought her a picture slot as payment. What do you think I should do? Can I contact 3dx admin for this or is it just too pity? does count as copy right? cause I took the pic and edit it my self. Thanks in advance
  12. ​servers were fucking up, like a bunch of people I dc'd a few times. I logged on, and my profile now says "character has been deleted"...wtf...what's going on...why is this happening. Has this happened to anyone else before...? ​What should I do now!? HELP!!!!!!!!!
  13. OK...I'm the type of person that sometimes sits in the corner and reads profiles and checks out pictures...now that being said, I've noticed some Male members posting pictures of their "male member" in their gallery, now before we all jump on the what's wrong with that wagon, I want to say that you are free to post what ever you want in your profile, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, I mean plenty of women here post pics of their parts in their galleries too (love looking at those...lol). What I would like to know is the thoughts that crosses the female mind when they see this, does that matter to you? or do you just roll your eyes think "idiot" and move on? And what if the guy says hello and asks you if you like what you see? So please all of you lovely ladies of this community feel free to express your thoughts on that.
  14. I AM sure I may get executed for this question, sorry people. I know I have been on this site now for quite sometime, but I finally got the balls to ask this, all thought, way later then I wanted to,..lol ,and also post for this Question, but I want to re touch up my profile and have two Questions actually. 1. how the hell do I add, fix, and reformat pictures I want from the internet, to add to posts I make, on my or other peoples posts. 2. how the hell do I reformat, pictures from the internet, or ones in general , plus also add video streams, and other interesting stuff to my profile thanks...... Sorry for somewhat looking a bit clueless, just really finally want to make my profile the way I really would like it to look, plus this may help others in my same predicament thanks........xxxx
  15. So I don't know if this a common issue or just on my end, but I'll try to upload a photo, and it seems like it's taking forever, but never actually uploads. Any ideas?
  16. I am looking to play this game, but want to know do the users that are created interact with computer driven OR real people? Meaning, are there real people associated with their character ?? thanks -Dr.
  17. Hey all. I'm editing my profile and I know you can use various BBCode style options to format text, but I have no idea what language they are from. I wanna do a strikethrough, like so, and can't figure out what the code is. Anyone know? Thanks, Taint edit: I release not the best title now, sorry about that
  18. Hi guys, someone can explain me how to insert a youtube video in "About me" section in my profile? I tryed several time, i search for special function, but nothing (i tryed also edit the code with dreamweaver). Thank you
  19. Hi all, I have a problem in game and i think it's a bug, like you read in the title i can t change my profile in game, when i click on profile button, I only see a most strange window without writing, is it does so only on this character, I created another character to try and I have no problem, I have the bug since I created this character, as this screen capture ... I restart my comptuter, the game, redownload the game, reinstall the game, but nothing change ...I need your help, and i need to change this profile thanks answer me and sorry for my english thanks for you help
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