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Found 8 results

  1. Add more type of kiss action like Neck Kiss, Shoulder Kiss, Check Kiss
  2. 3DX Chat must add new tit sucking in hot poses like The Hammock pose
  3. Add The Hammock Pose that will include tit sucking pose like this one
  4. Hello! I suggest adding a "magic button" to the menu of poses for a more real perception of role-playing games and expanding game opportunities and moments. When you tick the poses sent by the partner are automatically accepted. To protect forgetful players, you can make the option turn itself off when there is no partner or the "Partner" disconnects.
  5. I would like to see some amazing body paints or clothes. The first choice that I would and many others would love to see is called the "Black Tape Project" Some of the designs being tattoo or clothing to be added to 3DxChat are amazing. I have a few examples as images I feel that many users would enjoy this especially those with Kinky habits pleasing both BDSM communities and other communities. The second request is for BDSM poses. Please add more. Especially some with being bound and cuddled or bound to a chair or bound kneeling it adds to the fun and the erotica of the game. This can be done for both Male avatars and Female Avatars. My last request would be to see a variety of different walking/running animations offered to players to choose their walk type. 1) Casual - Walk/Run 2) Firm - Walk/Run 3) Loose - Walk/Run 4) All fours - Walk Number 4 you can even have an option to walk someone by partnering then choosing "Leash" them accepting and having the upright Avatars walk speed slowed with a leach in hand connected the other Avatar on the ground who is on all fours moving slowly at the same speed. Also, to make sure it reduces issues have the avatar on all fours who are leashed clicking movement disabled so they move with the main Avatar holding the leash but still have the "End" button on the side so they can stop the animation when they feel like it. P.S. Would also love to see the Leopard tattoo more diverse than orange inside the black marks which ruins the aesthetics if you're trying to use other colours. I enjoy pet play and love the tattoo as it adds to the fun but would like to see a version that allows for markings and different outer skin without having black and orange dots more so black markings with whatever colour skin and possibly a secondary colour for the Chest, Stomach, and Butt (Example picture Below). Thank you
  6. So Something I've always wanted to have in this game are intractable positions. The way they would work is you would initiate the position by yourself, and lets say you do a bent over pose on a ledge or table, you would stay in that pose and someone else could walk up and click on you and choose either anal or vaginal to start fucking you in that position. And the other big part, you wouldn't end the pose when they stopped, you would just go back to the same solo pose from before. This next part may be a stretch for some (But it's a kink) could have a toggle option to either ask you to accept before they can start fucking you or make it so anyone could use you as long as you are in the pose. I personally would really like to have this for some Free use/ public use fetish stuff, but it would also work nicely for normal scenarios. A doggy style bent over pose and a missionary laying on table one would be nice. And to include the guys in on this, having a laying, sitting, and standing option for most surfaces. I realize this may be harder for them to make then I might think, otherwise they probably would have done this with glory-holes, but I would really like to see this become a feature in the game. *Edit* BTW I think gloryholes should absolutely be added as one of these poses. Have the same dick through the hole solo animation for guys, but people can click on it to just start sucking/ fucking it.
  7. The newly implemented "Sport 2" pose (see attachment) doesn't work, at least with male avatars. The avatar merely takes up the last used pose upon click, or stands idle if no pose was used beforehand. Also, the avatar gets halfway stuck in the ground / bed, so I assume the positioning of the avatar is correct, only it doesn't take up the pose it should. This is completely reproducable, it happens every time, not a bug you encounter every now and then. I hope the next update fixes it, thank you in advance.
  8. hi all, When adding partner are we able to use her/him in single positions on devices? For example me using single positions and the partner i added to alocate a single position to her
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