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Found 8 results

  1. Hey, everyone., I am one of those who uses Verizon FIOS on the East Coast and was unable to stay connected, get the Room list, or World Chat after patch 423. Gizmo gave us a manual patch to install called Patch 425, which gave us the option of a US or a European portal. This solved the problem for many of us in that boat. This morning, with patch 426 out, when I patched the game, it went into a loop of restarting game/restarting patcher, ad nauseum. It LOOKS like the patcher is trying to install patch 425, finds it installed, opens the game, which launches the patcher again, and it never actually installs 426. I downloaded version 424 from the 3dxchat.com main website and ran it. It installed, and on first run, patched 425 AND 426. Hopefully, this will be a solution for people with the same problem. [NOTE: I am still having trouble connecting through the US or Euro servers directly, but connecting through VPN works. Hopefully, we will have a fix for that, soon.]
  2. Guys if your build 422 doesnt open go to the 3dx chat file folder down the list will be a folder with the word "standalone" in it. delete that file then run patcher again n game will load up
  3. I mean, stop it from automatically updating the game when I try opening the game up. I just wanna know when it updates before hand. Thanks. *Thanks everyone for their responses*
  4. Hello everyone, I read some of the support topics and tried searching for this problem, but couldnt find anything. All the problems are related to a dll thing or run as administrator and none of those are the one I'm having. I'm installing the game, clean folder with the 380 setup which is the one currently on the webpage for downloading. Everything goes well in the installation, then I want to open the game and the update comes on, fair enough seems legit something a game would have. The problem is that the patcher does everything it needs to do but at the end it gets stuck at 100% and never finishes, so I can't play the game! Any suggestions?? I've already uninstalled and re-installed more than once and the problem continues.
  5. When I click on 3dx, it opens and then immediately opens the patcher and closes itself. The patcher is just a white screen that won't go away unless I close it. Open the game again and either the same thing will happen or I'll get an error message "data folder not found: there should be '3DXChat_Data' folder next to the executable. I've tried everything I can find about this, downloaded all of the things in the FAQ, restarted my computer, ran as administrator, whitelisted the game and the patcher, uninstalled and reinstalled the game over and over again and still no luck. I'd really appreciate some help :<
  6. OK so when I kicked up 3dx Chat a patcher program ran automatically. When it had finished, I was left with just a Black Screen with the 3DX Logo top left and the Window Min/Max/Close options top right. I closed that down and began the game again but now all I get is this aforementioned black screen with no way to progress from it. Could anybody advise on this please? Thanks
  7. I didn't find this thread, so I thought it might be useful for all dll jumpers ,-) New patch 361 just came in 2 minutes ago. Have fun! Gamma
  8. Hello guys, I am trying to run the 3DXChat on mac using "playonmac" as suggested on the website. I could install and run. I can see the first screen with the login blanks on the left side and the News on the right side, everything fine... then when the program opens the "Patcher"program, the Patcher screen opens like a black rectangle and nothing happens from there. What can I do? Thanks!!!
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