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Found 6 results

  1. hi all anyone knows where to get this map : "primal forest hunt-n-fuck" i cannot find it on https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/ is there some other map download websites ? thx^^
  2. Hey there folks, have you ever imagine about start a city in 3dxchat? Or currently facing difficulties about it? Well here's ze solution I was testing for combining the rooms for last 2 month, and I figured out that even we have a size limit which a room more than 3mb will be extremely lag, we could still mix something together, and makes the room looks large and detailed. Then... the thought pops out: why don't players built a city together, to solve the problem that we don't have a city map often?
  3. Just like the topic, I was thinking that is there anyway to give players a "world map" as the world selection menu? I know it's more convinent to just browse the worlds in a list, but imagine these things below: *players can buy actual houses/buildings and lands by xgolds, and edit them[not like second life, but more like a home world of minecraft ,most of the lands are flat landscape on the side of the road, several lands with special terran(mountains, lakes) are sale in whole area and more expensive] *the new-joined players will have an free apartment house in a random official apartment---which they can edit/add furniture in the building or simply modify the room, but can't change the room scape---until they purchase a property *the actural "house" and building, which means when player leave their house, they're standing on the main map outside their house[kinda like old gta houses---walk to icon, then walk in the house/land. you can only see the outside of the land/houses on the street for saving gpu usage] *streets, vehicles, and more feature: wanna be more "life like" in this game? restaurants and the shops on the side of the streets will make players earn xgolds(just a little), buy foods/drink to quench their hunger/hydrate meter, or social in there, and players can actually driving vehicles on the street---and devs can sell them. well...these are just my imagination... I'm pretty sure they will not add this in game although it's not hard to achieve uwu
  4. A bit of context : When I first subscribed to 3DXChat, It was out of curiosity. A bit of lust of course, but I was genuinely curious about what this community have to offer. It seems that, on the way, I fell in love with the World Editor. Rare are games that allow Online RP possiblities and a quick tool to enjoy it. It been a few month now that I'm enjoying making roleplay maps so I decided to share some of them (the ones I've finished or saved) > I also publish them on https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/ Maps : The Office The Office is an ... office roleplay map where co-worker enjoy a good cup of coffee between a quick fuck rush hour. It could be played as non sexual RP but many places are dedicated for kinks so it could be a bit frustrating. Many object are interactable (you can use the printers as .. support) and there are many themed room : director office, meeting room, rooftop pause, storage room, shared work-bathrooms, etc..) As it is my first map finished, there are plenty of things to improve but I'm sure it will be ok " Little Paris [WIP] The goal is to design a Paris neighouroud and make it a strong Roleplay map where many people could live / interact. I really wanted a place that could be a gathering hub for the community but also be played both ways sexual and non-sexual. There are two bars, one club, one restaurant, one grocery store, one clothing shop, one real estate office and 5 flats you can freely use. Many details and things to interact too. --- COMING SOON --- Commissions : I do not guaranty that every commissions will be made but feel free to ask me to do 3D stuff, map, themed designs. At least it will give be a good representation of what people wants And do not hesitate to give me feedback ! Love. Office.world
  5. Hello there, here's Lunarelf. Actually...I got some problems with the world editor though...And I'm tired with keep trying to fix bunch of the glitches in the buildings though...And I just want to bought a building from someone I guess......T^T If you know how to building the castles(the gothic kinds will be better),maybe we can help each other~ Reply and pm me If you want, and show me your blueprint(PM FIRST! Send pictures, not sentences/paragraph, but if you want to describe how it will like, it will be okay, or you could google the image of the building, it's okay but try to make the building same with the picture.) For the design and the Finished, non-glitched map, I'll pay up to $100-$200 for the design I want to buy, and it's depending on how the building's area/shape, the environment settings of the map such like plants around the buildings, garden, rivers and something like that, and maybe a little bit of decorations. And you could get 10% of the full pay when we make the deal, then after you done, You could get left parts of full pay and 10-15% tip ALWAYS WAIT FOR PM, PPL~ I'll post If I got the design I want, and this design collection will be end. THE BUILDING MUST BE:(one in the list below) A CASTLE (GOTHIC KIND, VAMPIRE/HAUNTED TYPE WILL BE OKAY ) A OLD TYPE MASION(GOTHIC, OR HAUNTED) A MANOR(HAUNTED WILL BE OKAY, BUT NOT THE FARMS!) That's all, designers. Good luck and pm me with an idea;) ~
  6. Guest

    New Maps

    Hey guys! First, I want you to know this is the first time I'm in the 3DXChat' community and it's pretty special to me. Also, the English is not my native language, so sorry if I do not seem clear and I make mistakes in spellings. Now that you have been warned, I can start my topic. For a long time I have not stopped to think of a new map, which gives priority to the entertainment across the map, thanks to several interactions through the environment. My first idea is to make a bar where several games will be installed there. Interactive games in which the players will have some control, hence the name 'Interactive Games'. In addition to an interactive phase, it will be possible for players to use their 3DXGold making a bet on the game with an opponent. This will allow players to experience an even greater benefit with money they pay and collect. There would first of all have pool tables where players have the choice between: - Play a friendly game without 3DXGold, with all the players who do not have enough money to play a game or do not want to bet. OR - Play a competitive game in which 3DXGold will be used and where the winner wins the bet. Also, there will be Darts' games that will test the accuracy of the players. Players would be able to chose betwen a friendly game (Without Bet) or a competitive game to. (With Bet) To finish, there will be a small arcade' room which will offer players a variety of games featuring the first emphasis on sex. It would be possible here to parody various popular games such as PacMan by changing some detail to classify as adult games. As in many other maps, players will be entertained with a bright dance floor, a DJ table, pole dance and a bar with alcohol, nothing more classic to keep a good atmosphere. I hope you guys will love the project that I make by myself. It takes me along time to do this. I have not taken the time to calculate all the details in my project, which can make some objects or details too surreal compared to the size of an avatar and the size of the map or form of it can be modified. If I'm doing this is to make this project possible in game and not just for pleasure and pastime. I want the developers see all my effort into this. Thank you to tell me what you think about it and circulate if possible. See ya!!! xxx
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