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Found 2 results

  1. Guest

    Cunning Linguists?

    I'm not sure if this will fly but since we have peeps from all over world in 3dx and many who speak lots of languages I thought this was kinda nice... I'm hoping there's more little phrases or sayings that have these lovely little turns of meaning in different languages...or anything like this really. My grasp of anything but English is awful I'm ashamed to say so I'm gonna need you all to help me out lol. Not just fun but edu...muh...bloody...cational too right!?
  2. Heyy guys, i couldnt start this topic in "Developpement & suggestions" , so i decided to post it here. Everybody knows here that my English is really really not perfect, so i have to use google translate often with some words i dont understand.... I think i'm not the only one... It would be so usefull to can copy the chat in the game, and paste it on google translate. In particulary when you want to talk with someone in russian, german, portuguese, etc... Some people cant speak in English here... I hope you will love this idea, and hope to see that soon ! Kiss all
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