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Found 12 results

  1. The XS Shadow Lady, DJ Empress PalpaTine-XS herself will let the Shadows dance! Celebrate a great party again in the BDSMetal Gang's best room of the year 2020, in the Shadow Gallery!
  2. The Shadow Gallery of ChristineXS was voted to be the best room for BDSMetal Gang events in 2020. Syl the French Frog and the XS Shadow Lady DJ Empress PalpaTine will rock the Shadow Gallery through its 1 Year Anniversary!
  3. The Shadow Gallery of @Tine-XS was voted to be the best room with BDSMetal Gang events in 2020. Dancing Shadows may have been the first occurrence ever in 3DX in this room. The Shadow Gallery is meant to rock, the owner might be only a little Lady but she rocks, this time from A to Z along the guest’s requests!
  4. Gast DJ ShaneDarko and Gang DJ Clodilla and the XS Shadow Lady PalpaTine will kick asses and make the Shadows dance!
  5. The Shadows will dance again when the doors of the Shadow Gallery will be opened for great rock music brought into our ears by Alathea, Lone★ and the great XS Shadow Lady DJ PalpaTine herself!
  6. The Shadows will dance again when the the XS Shadow Lady ChristineXS, known as our Tine and DJ PalpaTine celebrates her 5th 3DXChat anniversary. Rocking your ass off: Pandion, Damcles, Feuermond and, the XS Shadow Lady herself, DJ PalpaTine
  7. The Shadows will dance again with rock brought into our ears by DJ CoraGaga, Allissia and the XS Shadow Lady PalpaTine herself.
  8. Cheers all.. I was wondering if anyone else was having the same issues 1. 3DXCHAT.COM comes up as problem website 2.when loading program it says check connections/fire walls 3.When game loads.. Can't check peoples profiles or pics.. Just comes up as a giant Red Question Mark. 4. Cant go to other rooms or will get an error 5.PM's aren't going through or constantly saying person is offline when they aren't Does anyone have a fix for this? I've already fully deleted the game and re downloaded.. I've turned off all Firewalls and done multiple virus scans and When made sure when Windows Defender was on it allowed the game to by pass its security... been going on now for past few days so any assistance would be great.. thanks @Gizmo @Lisa
  9. Hi all, I'm chloe. I have issue regarding gallery. When I click other people's gallery, something bad happens. Please take a look at what happens. Instead of showing pictures, it just shows red big blurred marks. How do I fix it? I'm playing it with macbook, by using bootcamp. Thanks.
  10. Hello guys, I run a fashion agency in here which is like my hobby and I take pics of my models in here and edit them and while they work for me they can use the pics. Recently one of my models has quit and I've asked her to take down the pictures that I took of her but she refused to do so because she says they are her payment. She said I cant prove that the pictures are mine even though i have my company tag on the bottom of the pictures and I also bought her a picture slot as payment. What do you think I should do? Can I contact 3dx admin for this or is it just too pity? does count as copy right? cause I took the pic and edit it my self. Thanks in advance
  11. OK...I'm the type of person that sometimes sits in the corner and reads profiles and checks out pictures...now that being said, I've noticed some Male members posting pictures of their "male member" in their gallery, now before we all jump on the what's wrong with that wagon, I want to say that you are free to post what ever you want in your profile, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, I mean plenty of women here post pics of their parts in their galleries too (love looking at those...lol). What I would like to know is the thoughts that crosses the female mind when they see this, does that matter to you? or do you just roll your eyes think "idiot" and move on? And what if the guy says hello and asks you if you like what you see? So please all of you lovely ladies of this community feel free to express your thoughts on that.
  12. Hi.. I am trying to know how to load a self picture to my gallery.. When I click on add photo obviously it took me to another screen, but it did not take me to my downloads directly,, not like it did when I made an account on 3DXCHAT community.. Can someone help and advise me please
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