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Found 13 results

  1. Allow sex with clothes on (remove automatic nudity / or add an option to enable-disable it). Automatic nudity is a very annoying and unnecessary feature during sex. It prevents enjoying the sensuality and eroticism provided by bottom chlothes (panties, skirts, upskirts, shorts, pants and jeans). It is assumed that they put this function to prevent the clothing intersecting with penis during sex and may look bad and unnatural. However, only a few clothes look bad, most of them look good and natural during sex, plus we can always take them off. Panties: Clothing intersecting with penis is imperceptible and pleasant. (looks good) Skirts/Upskirts: There is no clothing intersecting. (looks good) Shorts: Clothing intersecting with penis is pleasant. (looks good) Pants/jeans: Clothing intersecting with penis is pleasant. (looks good) Tight/long skirts: Clothing intersecting with penis is not very pleasant. (looks bad) Advantages of removing auto-nude (at least on option to disable it) Sensuality and eroticism in clothing and roleplay. Natural, pleasant and progressive nudity. Oral sex, foreplay and all sex positions with clothes on. Total control of clothing during sex. Touching and stimulation of the genitals without fucking. (all sex positions as foreplay) There are just a few clothes-positions that bring intersecting and cutting problems and looks bad, but I think that is no reason to eliminate all the other options that looks really great and we could enjoy in the game. It has been requested for years and I would like them to try to fix this problem.
  2. I love this game, but one thing I don't like is the auto-undress. Starting an oral sex without clothes on or not being able to fuck a girl with her skirt on turns me off. It's much more exciting to have sex with clothes on and a progressive nude. That's why I would like you to remove the auto-undress and let us choose the clothes we want to take off. This looks really bad This looks much better
  3. 3DX Chat must add More new facial expressions like sad, Angry, Cry, Amused, Moaning, Excited etc.
  4. Add Lactation feature and Bleeding Menstruation/ Deflorescence for females Bleeding menstruation can be used for Halloween
  5. Add feature in which guy slap butt/ass and grope boobs of girl during sex
  6. 3DX Chat must add new feature of Synchronised action while Changing poses. Example: Synchronising action in Adult Game- Chat House 3D Roulette while changing pose
  7. Stream with Shoutcast Server and WinAmp DSP Plugin 1.) The Stream Hosting Server Rent a Stream Hosting Server! In our example we do this with HMC Hosting Member Center and a Server. This Server is with 10$ monthly very cheap and have a good quality *Look at the end for a cheaper alternate After your order you get the Login datas via Email... 2.) Configuration of the Server Now you should have the Login datas of HMC via Email Go to the Link in the Email and Login in Centova Cast Now you should be in the backend of your Centova Cast stream server. On the left side you see some configuration button: Press the Quick Links Button! Now you are in the Quick Links page and on top you should see your streaming server index page: For example: (link is fictional) Copy this link and save it in a Note or same thing. This link have two parts, the first part is the IP to the server and the second part after the : is the selected Port. Later is this the Link for your Radio in your Home in 3DXchat 3.) Configuration of WinAmp and DSP Shoutcast Plugin WinAmp: Download and install latest Version here Shoutcast DSP Plugin: Download and install latest Version here When you open now WinAmp should open in the same time the Shoutcast DSP Plugin didn't open the Plugin from self: Go to WinAmp Options -->Preferences--> Rider "Plug -ins"--> DSP/Effect--> double-click on "SHOUTcast Source DSP v. xxx" DSP Shoutcast Plugin Now you need the saved link of your server index page! Go in the DSP Plugin to the Rider Output Rider Login--> Output Configuration Port: is the selected Port of your Server, is in your link after the : ,for example 9876 DJ / User ID: let it free (is important for Shoutcast V1 Server) Password: you find it in your Email of HMC or in the Centova backend You can view all the datas in your Cantova backend! Rider Directory: Here is for your fantasy the way free That are only infos for your Stream Index Page... The stream should be not Public or your stream is listed in the Shoutcast Network as Radio station, then you need a Radio stream License Rider Encoder: Encoder Type: MP3 Encoder Encoder Settings: Your server stream bandwidth, 44100Hz, Stereo Rider Titles, Artwork & Logs You can change the Settings but isn't important for your private stream When you have all the Settings, press Connect and you should see in Status the streamed Data! Now you can set a own Playlist with WinAmp and stream this to your Server. 4.) Push your Stream in your 3DXChat Home Copy the saved link of Step 1 and Paste it in your Radio --> My Stream --> Enter stream link field Done The Software for Stream is not matter, the way for stream is in the most programs similar! In VirtualDJ or Traktor2 is it a bit easier but this programs are not for free I hope it was somewhat understandable, my english is not the best, sorry! * There is no guarantee for trouble-free cooperate between linked stream host providers and 3DXChat!
  8. Hello, I would suggest a feature to allow users to hide certain elements of clothings in the wardrobe. For instance, i personally have no interests in BDSM and so i would use that feature to hide all the harnesses and thus prevent the wardrobe getting bloated.
  9. Hi all, one idea i am curious about is introducing chastity devices into the game. While in chastity the ans related sex acts/positions would be blocked and control Fouls be assigned to another player. Removing the device will only be possible by the other player Or by paying a significant amount of gold (in case a Backup Release option is requiriert. There Fan also be the possible to give a key from one Player to another or set Timers. What do you think about this idea? Cheers Fancy.
  10. First off, Happy New Year to everyone. I'm really enjoying this game. But according to your site, its virtual reality part only supports the Oculus Rift. That's why I'm requesting that the developers add SteamVR support for 3DXChat. Having support for the Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality, and Vive headsets would allow a lot more people to enjoy the VR aspect. Thanks.
  11. I would like to see a more global use of cumshots both male and female. For a female cum shot to be visible on the other person. If someone 2 people are masturbating together if the users are close enough the cumshots would visibly land on the other user.
  12. Gold transfer between 3dxchat members. I see this feature as an investment in the quality of gameplay, interest for the game, as a platform for those who love to play and for those who love to be social. Just in a nutshell why I do the poll. I have seen many events such as fashion show, model photo contest, best dancer of the month etc. Most of event hosts want to reward their participants. I saw 5 gifts for the 1st place, 3 gifts for the 2nd etc. Why don't we reward them in a civilized way, by gold? Just this question was on my mind. Few days ago I was on fashion show(I will post few screenshots under spoiler) and it was fun, but something was lost in my subjective opinion. Some reward would be nice as a appreciation for participation. Not a gift, but gold. It would be awesome to spend it on everything you want. Right? We don't live and work for special tickets for bread, cheese or a pair of sneakers, as it was in some communist countries, but we are getting money. Just money and this is fair. Those gifts with pics are really cool in special situations, but seems we need a little bit more freedom. I hope, I am not alone with such a wish. How it was looking: How I see this with place for words from a sender: This feature can give us a reason and motivation to be longer in 3dxchat, to play more interesting, for helping friends, to create new events with rewarding, to buy a beer for a friend and so on In the end it will give us a breath of fresh air and freedom to use our money as we want. I tried to be short in words. Leave your comments.Thank you for your attention.
  13. User Rooms Please post your feedback in this topic. How we should improve this feature? What are User Rooms? Now you can set your apartment as open location for all players and have your own party or show at your place. Note: It's still a test feature How can I make my apartment available to all players? Click 'Map' - 'Open for all' How can we join to opened rooms? Click 'Map' - 'User Rooms' to view a list o opened rooms. Click 'Join' to enter the apartment. How can I close my room? Click 'Map' - 'Close' All players will be disconnected from closed room. Why Home Editor is disabled? You can't use Home Editor while your room is opened. Close your room first and then edit your apartment.
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