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Found 19 results

  1. Guest

    Beautiful Women Images

    Just wanted a dedicated thread (post) for beautiful women with all their gorgeous curves, whether its a picture, sketch, drawing, animation, etc. I wanted these images in one location and not have to plow through the "random" or funny" existing posts. Don't get me wrong I love both of those posts and contribute frequently...and will keep doing so. I would like to keep this around an "NC-17 rating"...Note: Paloma has a beautiful "R rating" post (with a specific purpose) called "Erotic Photography" so, I would like to maintain a clear distinction between the two. ~Thank you
  2. Guest

    Your favorite pussy pictures...

    Meow: Now that I got your attention... This post is for pictures of your favorite kittens. *wags finger* remember cute adorable kittens only
  3. Guest

    Love Bites...

    Love Bites...and nothing bites harder or better than a good Vampire. This thread is simple, just post your favorite Vampire or Vampiress images (sexy, funny, scary) whatever, just have fun...
  4. Imagine a world without Monsters... We share a small world with Monsters, Monsters that fly planes into buildings and blow up trains and buses, Monsters that poisons its own people and Monsters that massacre without warning. Who are these Monsters? Where do these Monster come form? Why are these Monsters Hell bent on carrying out the most Evil acts one can imagine? How do you stop these Monsters? And how do you prevent new Monsters from being created? Everyday it seems that these Monsters are Devolving even further and that the light of hope dims more and more with each new horrific act. I
  5. Guest

    ...mmm fresh air ❤

    mmm fresh air ❤ nothing like being outside after a miserable storm ❤ thank you Gizmo ❤
  6. Well, now that the Rio 2016 Olympic Games are almost over... "What were some of your most favorite moments ?" Hmm, 4me I have to say watching Katie Ledecky was one of my favs by far... https://youtube.com/watch?v=yX5JqNQAQk8 PS: I'm sure there some smartie out there that will say...that it's finally over. So I saved u the trouble ha : )
  7. OK, I just finished folding laundry and again and I'm missing another sock. I don't get it, I've never lost a shirt, never lost a bra, never lost any underwear (and some will actually fit inside a shot glass). Its random, never both, doesn't matter if its ankle socks, calf, knee, thigh highs whatever the size. So knowing there are some really clever minds here, I thought I would pose these questions to you: Why do you think socks randomly disappear in the laundry (washer/dryer)? and more importantly where do you think they go? The "wilder the idea" the better because this is a age old ques
  8. Guest

    WooHoo USA Girls Rock

    Abby Wambach, wife Sarah Huffman share kiss after U.S. World Cup win ❤ Congrats Girls...Yeah ❤
  9. Global Climate Change (Real or Not)... with all the discussions lately in the news regarding global climate change: - rising temperatures - rising sea levels - increased wildfires - more droughts for longer periods - intensified storms - etc. I was wondering what people's opinions were here, especially because we have people from all over the world here in our little community. PS: My opinion is that I believe this is scarey real and changes at a "Global Level" need to start happening sooner rather than later. Even though we may already be too late to reverse some of the d
  10. Guest

    Country Pride

    Country Pride: I thought that since there are so many people here from varying countries that it would be nice if you shared anything at all about your specific country that you like, makes you proud or represents the best of your country. It can be people, landmarks, pictures, videos, music, etc... Please just positive comments, if for some reason you have something negative to say just pm the poster and discuss offline-thank you. Note: Of course there are things about all of our countries that I'm sure we don't like (just watch the daily news). This post is just to remind everyone that
  11. Guest

    Good Morning 3dx Community

    Just wanted to start a thread (post) where I could say "good morning" to the entire 3dx community every morning. You are welcome to join if you want...
  12. Guest

    3DXChat Wildlife Reserve

    3DXChat Wildlife Reserve: What animals would you add to make our Reserve World Famous...and the largest attraction on the Planet PANTHERS
  13. Guest

    Finish mine then Start yours

    The goal of this game is to "complete the persons sentence above you" and then "start a partial sentence for the person below you" to complete. The sentences can be as long or short as you want and about anything. Hope this make sense...last game for a while I promise. Sentence started by Imaginary member above me: I don't want to fight you but, I do have...50 hungover monkeys in the back of my car dying to kick someone's ass My partial sentence for the next person: I must have gotten drunk last night 'cause I woke up...
  14. Guest

    A 3DX story

    So this is a story we started here in the forum. The bright mind behind the idea is our dear Eclipse. I took the liberty to start a new topic for the story.Hope you forgive me for that Eclipse? I took the liberty of putting together the story so far... with only minimal editing and having to skip one post because that type of stuff happens on these threads sometimes. Sorry, Nephilin, that Guest post is the one the next poster went with. I must have gotten drunk last night 'cause I woke up and I found my computer on with all of these unwanted emails from my ex who I had drunk emailed last
  15. There are so many ugly Christmas sweaters that come out of the closet this time of year and worn with such pride. I'm not sure how this ever caught on but it did haha. I'm actually going to an "Ugly Xmas Sweater Party" this weekend-no lie. So what's your favorite ugly Xmas sweater?
  16. Guest

    Christmas Gifts...thoughts

    Christmas Gifts...thoughts The idea of this thread is to post and/or answer someones questions or concerns about buying a specific gift. I just thought that with so many members here that maybe some could put on their Santa Helpers Hat and share some of their real life experience(s) they may of had. If you answer a post can you "multi-quote" the persons original post so they get feedback that their question has been responded to. ~ thanks and hope that last part makes sense ~ Background: I'm thinking of getting my sister an iPhone 6 plus (I think she has a 4-ish w/cracked screen), my fami
  17. Guest

    3DXChat Records

    Just a thought...what if we setup and tracked fun/silly records. For example remember seeing pictures of how many people could be stuffed into a car or phone booth. We could have Records such as: 1. How many people can we fit on the Island at the Beach 2. How many people can be crammed into the Pool at Love Island 3. How many people can be packed into a Cabin on the Yacht 4. How many people can streak across the Beach in a group at one time 5. How many people could you squeeze into your Home 6. etc, etc. To make records official I think we'd need two things minimum (prob should have its
  18. Guest

    Pleasuring yourself...

    Just thought this would be a fun question, seeing that this is a very sexual game and the answers are completely anonymous...Who is pleasuring themselves more on a weekly basis - men or women? c'mon vote (it's 2 seconds) and nobody's gonna know how you voted...
  19. Staci's last music post made me think of this post... What 3 things could someone bring into the bedroom to help spice up or revive their sex (or romantic) life? Important: Their partner is already in the bedroom
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