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Found 6 results

  1. It's something silly, but It would be awesome to have in the nails something similar to the costumes. Added to the actual plain textures, be able to add some patterns to the nails. making them even look different? Stuff like this...?
  2. Hello everyone So Project Alivia ..what is this .. Short story ..i wanted tons of stuff in game from .. tons of make ups tons of facial customization body customization hair variations different breasts types piercings-tails elf ears you name more realistic eyebrows and in many shapes ... i could mention 1 million stuff i wanted but anyways .. So what i did is started to recreate my Avatar from the ground up from 0 in blender how i Did it ... 1st ) i used the tattoo obj body and head to meassure proportions ....then i used a basic mesh body and head and a tecnique called ...projection 3d box modeling and sculpting to shape it the way i wanted and to be true to my avatar proportions So what i did was to take tons of pictures from my ingame avatar and i used those pics as projection to do my recreation ......well i could use the obj body and save ton of time of remaking from 0 but i know those obj bodies have many issues ...from holes from non bridged vertices etc actually wherever the seem was to unwrap and make the uvs those vertices arent connected even in game so if i used the tattoo obj body i would come across many modeling and shading issues in the future ..so yes projection 3d box modeling and sculpting is the way .. 2nd) for more details i used in sculpt mode a multires modifier and went from 5k faces to over 5 million for more details and pass all that info to another body on 50 k faces via baking maps and apply them to the model .. fast forward now ... i rigged the model and weight paint it then ofc test the rig if it works as i wanted made new eyes and eyebrows ....and ofc starting making the elf ears currently im working on creating tons of make ups -eyebrow shapes -many nose types -hair variations . finished nose piercing and nipple piercing also what purpose all this serves ?.... 1st its for my own fun 2nd its awesome practice for me to move in bigger stuff and .... 3d it might give the developers here many cool ideas to implement in this game for the avatars lots of work still to be done so i have everything i ever wished for my avatar
  3. Please put tails in game! Kitty tails, bunny tails, devil tails, all the tails!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Dear dev team, @Gizmo and @Lisa I think it would be worthwhile for developers to ask the question: why do players want to play this particular game? What is most important to them? What makes the game better? I would share my ideas on the subject. First and foremost is the avatar itself, the character of the players! It always really mattered what the player's character looks like! So lets talk about caracter customization!! This is the player himself, the development of which is key! But even these enhancements have limits ... many times one more hairstyle doesn’t add an extra experience to character shaping. Because, for example, you already have a favorite and don’t like new ones! But then how can you renew in this area? With new options that weren’t there so far, and plus options for missing parts. Too many hair styles, but very few necklaces, no piercings at all? Make more jewelry and create the system of piercings! I know, I know there was a vote on this, but they didn’t take into account people’s stimulus threshold, their playfulness at all! It was just a snapshot of who want what there then! I would like to highlight a few oylan development opportunities, which in turn would significantly change the perception of the game and its popularity in a positive direction: 1. More body customization: I can make a few details difficult to implement and cumbersome to implement (such as height difference) ... but the fat-average figure-muscular slider would be worthwhile. The special extra part of this that is an extremely popular request is pregnancy for female characters. It could be a bit pregnant to the big belly version. 2. Missing layers of clothing, categories Quite a few garments can’t be categorized in the current categories, and if they do, the developers will just spoil the mood or it won’t have the effect they wanted. Such clothing categories (could be an extra layer of clothing): - coats (cloak, coat, bolero, jacket, suit, blazer) - (important the open version.. to see what wear under that...) - belts, chains 3. Missing character customizations parts: There is nothing to explain ... either there is no such area, or there are very few options for the player to choose from. - Piercings, earrings (there is none at all) - jewelry, accessories (there are terribly few options) - hats (if it were just a colorable baseball cap, then there wouldn't be a small million variations .. and then we would see that there are hardly any caps, hats) - extra body parts category: tails, wings 4. Missing uniforms: The players' play is greatly influenced by a good theme and the clothes associated with it. A uniform can not only consist of a "dress" ... there can also be separate pieces of clothing that can work together. An example is a cowboy / girl "uniform." But, of course, this includes more complex uniforms such as nuns or nurses. I note: if they make pieces for the "incomplete" clothes listed in point 3 ... it can issue a uniform ... that is, do one get two !! Such options, combinations, examples: - cowboy hat + boots + belt - soldier cap + identification necklace - nun headdress + dress + necklace with cross - medical gown + stethoscope - blazer (for women) + shirts + tie - colorable baseball cap + any inscription / logo on clothes - more logo ++ And one extra thing, let me deviate from my own theme: if upload images could be simply put on surfaces during construction ... (and it could be resized), construction would improve light years! XOXO - Angel
  5. Good Evening everybody ! You are all invited to the 2nd edition of Kazama Custom Show in less than 2 hours to discover 26 models of custom cars entirely hand made in 3DXCHAT for 3DXCHAT users by the one and only ProfKAZAMA To guarantee you'll be spending an incredible evening, the sexy ladies from Pole Cats are going to perform just for you on the music of the amazing DJ kiwineko ♥ I'm counting on you... See you all tonight ! __________________________________________________________________ Bonsoir à tous ! Vous êtes toutes et tous invités ce soir à 21h pour la 2ème édition du Kazama Custom Show pour venir découvrir plus de 26 modèles de voiture customisées faites à la main par ProfKAZAMA dans 3DXCHAT pour les utilisateurs de 3DXCHAT Pour garantir que vous passerez une bonne soirée, les séduisantes danseuses de Pole Cats vont assurer le show avec la musique de DJ Kiwineko ♥ Je compte sur vous... A ce soir !
  6. Hi all, Sorry if this is in the wrong section - but I've seen a few avatars around with bodies that look huge! It looks like they have no limitations on their sliders, so they can make their arms or legs really thick, and female avatars can make their breasts much larger than the default. Is this something that they've paid to do? Or something else? I'd love to know! Thanks!
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