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Found 2 results

  1. EXCLUSIVE MULTIPLE DJ EVENT EVERY THURSDAYS NIGHT COME TO LISTEN THE BEST DJS AROUND OF HERE @ WPB Hi Everyone, Last thursday night we had a lot of fun here with, i decided to create a multiple Dj's event here every thursday at White Palace. You are all welcome to listen our best Dj's. Every weeks the list of Dj's will be a bit different, but all Dj's are welcome, dont hesitate to tell me if you would try your set here... Hope to see you all again here this thursday, Wish you all a lot of fun Pierro. some pub ^^
  2. Hello everyone! I will be DJ'ing live in the Night Club on Saturday 25th October 2014 @ 01:00am GMT. Here is a TimeZone Converter for you all to understand the time zone! And what time it will be in your time zone! (Click the "Timezone Converter") The date and time of the event is there on the left and the box on the right is the time in your timezone. I hope this helps you all who aren't too sure about the timezones. It will consist of EDM music, examples being House, Electro etc... I will be taking requests also, so if there is any songs you would like to hear live in the club let me know either here or in game and I will make sure to fit them in with my live performance, but make sure they fit in the genre of the music being played! So make sure you all get down the Night Club that night and let's have an amazing night! Raving it out on the dance floor, just generally having a good time. So I expect to see everyone shaking their booties on the dance floor and enjoying themselves! So let's have a great time! Hopefully see y'all there! Kind Regards MrAsh/DJAsh
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