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Found 15 results

  1. Event now over. Thanks to all who attended!! ---- Sooo... I recently asked Chloe (ChloeMinx - not to be confused with other Chloe's!) if she would marry me... and she totally said YES!! To celebrate this we would like to invite all our lovely friends to celebrate our engagement. More details on the wedding to follow! -----
  2. Happy Birthday 'old' Friend
  3. Hello!! For my last ever event and farewell party in 3DX I am delighted to invite two of my oldest friends and DJs Epithany and Lorelia, for a night of some fantastic jazz music. Look forward to seeing you all there!!
  4. Hello!! Back to roots with this one with some pure ROCK!! I am delighted to present two fantastic DJs with MrsCandice and EvilElf. Between us, we will play alternative, punk and goth-rock. Look forward to seeing you all there!!
  5. Hello, Dia dhuit, Hola and Здравствуйте! Short notice!! Everyone is invited to join RedMelisande and SayaX provide some of the best Celtic and Classical music from UK & Ireland and Galicia, Spain. With some great classical music thrown in to mix things up a bit! For those not familiar with the Celtic music, think dancing around merry or riding through some epic vista listening to the soothing sounds of the mountains (i.e. Lord of the Rings - Hobbits and that sort of fun stuff). Try to come dressed in green and white OR blue and white. The Celtic and Galician colours! 8 pm to 11 pm UK time (see below for specific time zones). Then join Epi at the Jazzy Lounge for the after party See you all there!!
  6. The Sound Lounge open this Sunday winding down the weekend with some blues music from myself and a special guest DJ. Be sure to drop by to relax, have fun and listen to some good music!
  7. SINsations is the product of many people's input, ideas, and suggestions for providing music & entertainment on a large scale to all of 3DX We plan to be very active by organizing a variety of multiple weekly events, and showcasing some of 3DX's best DJs & user rooms. In the coming weeks, we will be reaching out to some members of the community to join us in this endeavor. We look forward to super fun times, awesome parties, and of course some great music! We hope to see you all there!!! The following people are part of SINsations core and deserve credit for all promotion, activities, and organization: JessicaX, SayaX, Nitro, Eraphia, Eugene. I am planning to run Rock events every second Saturday under the SINsations tag from now on. Next Event: SINsational Rock Saturday, July 2 3PM - 7PM EST / 9PM - 1AM CEST DJ Line up: DJ Eraphia - DJ SayaX And... Special Guest - DJ RedMelisandre
  8. SINsation Films is proud to bring you an exclusive starring DJ BreannaX, DJ Nitro and DJ SayaX. Only showing at Nitro's Drive In Cinema!! Come by to listen to some of the best movie, TV and game soundtracks. Popcorn and beer is on the house!!* * Terms and Conditions... there is not really popcorn and the beer is 35 Xgold
  9. SINsations presents -- Saya's Birthday Party!! -- I am pleased to announce the opening of SINsations, a group run by Nitro, JessicaX, Eraphia and myself. I have invited some of my closest friends to DJ, including one surprise guest, so be sure to drop by!! Thank you to Nitro for creating the poster!! DJ Line-up: 19:00 - Xanar 20:00 - Special Guest 1 21:00 - Sentra 22:00 - Special Guest 2 23:00 - Epithany ZOMG!!! Totally not planned. But we have Sentra, Epi and Xan! Tehehehe!! ....
  10. I am so excited to invite you all to a birthday party for my wonderful girlfriend BreannaX who will 22 this Wednesday. Please join us to celebrate on Thursday 9 June, 19:00 GMT+1! Thanks to Nitro for the poster!
  11. I am proud to announce the next Sound Lounge event this coming Sunday where I will play 4 different genres. So drop by and enjoy some music!!
  12. -- BreannaX's Birthday Party!! -- Hosted by Nitro! Music from Saya! ------------------------------------ EVENT LIST: THURS 12 MAY - The Sound Lounge Opening Party - Classic Rock, Blues and Funk - with Shea, Saya and EpiSAT 14 MAY - Country & Singer/Songwriter - with SweetHoney and SayaWED 18 MAY - Requests Night - with SayaSAT 21 MAY - Chloe & Saya's Engagement Party - Soft Rock and Love Songs with Shea and EpiWED 25 MAY - Requests Night - with SayaSUN 29 MAY - Chilled Electronic, Trap and Deep House - with DJ Senbo, DJ Jess and DJ CicerroWED 1 JUNE - Requests Night - with Saya (CANCELLED)SUN 4 JUNE - Music Night - Funky Disco, Swing, Blues + Soul - with SayaWED 8 JUNE - BreannaX's Birthday Party - with Nitro and Saya------------------------------------ The Sound Lounge is a place where friends can relax and listen to a wide range of music. Every Wednesday from 19:00 - 23:00 GMT+1 will be Requests Night with Saya. This is a chance for you to hear was you would like to hear. Every Sunday (could be Friday or Sunday depending on other events) from 19:00 - 23:00 GMT+1 will be special guest DJs every week with a different genre of music. There will be no requests on Saturday. DJs will play their own set and this is a great way to discover new music and some of the best mixes from the best DJs on 3DX. Check out some of the events above to see the variety of music we have hosted! If you would be interested in DJing for The Sound Lounge or you would like to learn how to DJ then get in touch. If you cannot DJ but you have a playlist of songs, then PM me the list (2 hours max) and I will happily stream on your behalf (you will be credited as providing the music) For more info about The Sound Lounge please check the following thread: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/3054-the-sound-lounge/
  13. Guest

    The Sound Lounge

    Hello music lovers, Do you love different genres of music? I am proud to announce the opening of What is The Sound Lounge? The Sound Lounge, as the name implies, is a relaxed lounge for people to come and listen to a wide range of music from some of 3DX’s most talented DJs. The Sound Lounge is not just another rock or EDM club. We love rock and EDM, but there is already an abundance of fantastic rock and EDM clubs in 3DX. The Sound Lounge is a place where you will hear many different styles of music such as jazz, blues, soul, reggae, hip-hop, swing, 50s, 60s, R&B, funk, folk, country, classical, lesser known sub genres of rock or EDM. If you wish to hangout in a friendly and relaxed environment while listening to some of the finest music in 3DX then look no further and come and take a look! If you are interested to know more or you would like to DJ for us at The Sound Lounge then please don’t hesitate to contact me on the forum or in-game. If you can’t DJ but would like to learn then I will be happy to assist, or if you have a great playlist of songs that you feel the world needs to hear then I will happily stream it on your behalf. We would like to discover new DJs in 3DX, so don’t be shy! The room is to open 7pm UK time every Sunday until 11pm and same time every Wednesday. The opening night was a huge success thank you all for attending. For upcoming events, check here: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/3053-the-sound-lounge-opening-event-thurs-12-may-2000-gmt1/
  15. ER❤S M▲M▲ GROUP was born from passion and amusement, grow with you, for your and our pleasure to stay together.The group is composed by private thematic rooms, house music, tecno, rock, groove and more, live dj and events. ER❤S M▲M▲ "we wanna your fun and hot plesure!" Friday 18/09, in the magical setting of Rock music, Maras invite her friends and all people, to partecipate at her birthday party, hosted by LadyLiliana and with the participation of SayaX who will play live music for you even accepting your requests, have fun with us.
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