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Found 3 results

  1. Well, since the server is down I think its time to post some thoughts here. For me 3DX is not just a place to have some co-op masturbation - sometimes I spend my time in the World Editor as well. From what i have learned i can say for sure - world editor doesnt need connection to the server (see the pic, i can still keep building when I've got disconnected). So, here's my idea: it would be great to be able to run the game in off-line mode having limited functionality. Let's say - only default Betty/Bob avatars to play and (most importantly) World Editor working. What it could give us: - Obvious When the server is offline we could keep building our content and test it for later when we're able to share it to the other players. - A bit less obvious, but still making life better potentially We could run second client and work on our worlds while still hosting a room in 1st window. You see, that announcement Lisa gave us about the new features of the server they are working at - it will be possible to keep our rooms hosted even when we go offline/get disconnected for some reason. It's a great thing and for me personally it would improve my experience a lot, since im not always able to keep my 3DX running 24/7 (let's say i am playing some other game and it is important to me to have my FPS there as high as possible, but having 3DX running in background sometimes drops FPS drastically). With that said hosting rooms is going to be much easier, but there's still one problem rmaining: you cant host a room and build anything in World Editor, becuase you have to stop hosting to enter WE mode. And having a separate client running in off-line mode would fix that problem. I hope I didnt confuse you with that explanation too much, people.
  2. So I download the new beta patch yesterday and discovered a new feature; offline private messaging. Some time later that day an email arrived to the account which I registered 3DX telling me someone had sent me a private message. There was no content, so I had to log in to read what was written. This, of course, might change and the body of the text could be included in the future. I have some reservations. When I log out.... I log out. Anyone I wish to speak to, or communicate with, out of game I do via Skype or similar and do so through choice: both on my part and that of the other person. I worry this new feature will not enhance connections between good friends but may allow less well-meaning players a method to harass others, even when they are not in-game. It also undermines privacy - I'm sure there are number of people who play who don't wish their RL connections to know, and an email entitled '3DX Chat' is indiscreet. Of course, you can spam the email but I'm uneasy about the principle of letting anyone on your friends list message you out of game. Sometimes, we all have people on that list we keep there rather than remove, because of the hassle doing so might cause, and would certainly not want that connection to spill into real life. I wasn't a big fan of being able to PM people in different locations within the game when that was introduced but I can see why others might like it. I would have preferred it limited to one PM from other locations and treat it like a cell phone. Sometimes being alone with someone in there is practically impossible. But this I feel, is a step too far and is taking the game in a direction which makes me a little uneasy. What next, I wonder? Thoughts?
  3. Unfortunately, I'm going to be offline for about two weeks, due to the stupid way that phone companies switch over lines in this country nowadays meaning I will have no internet service whatsoever until the 5th of March (best estimate). This is not me intentionally taking a break, and I'm certainly not leaving the game, despite some trepidations I've had over the past month or so. I'd miss way too many of my friends way too much (some of you more than you may think), besides this is absolutely horrible timing Rest assured, I will be back to give the warmest hugs (づ^‿^)づ as soon as physically possible! I may get a few hours over the next couple of days to drop-in the game before my line is cut, but anyone who wants to reach me should leave a message here on the forums ASAP just to be safe, in case I don't have time. Hopefully no-one else leaves while I'm gone, and I return to stories of everybody having a wonderful time in my forced absence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wV9_je85DE ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TiIgm0xY0A
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