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  1. MUSICAL CULTURE OF DIFFERENT COUNTRIES In this topic, I want to show the musical culture of different countries! Put your video here that represents your country) Katyusha dance War Army
  2. Very beautiful location) Thanks DJimon) And thanks to everyone who participated in the filming of this video))
  3. Add here the music of your soul) I am very interested to study people in their music) This music is my soul) Hi-Fi - За мной / Za mnoy
  4. I have been playing this game for a long time! I really like it! For me, sex is not the main thing here! For me the main thing here is communication with interesting people from different countries and music and creativity! I will soon return to this game! Now I have a lot of time picks up my little daughter) She's my miracle and I really love her))) I love you all very much! I kiss and hug everyone !! 3DXCHAT THALASSO DIVA Room) OLESYA
  5. My trip to ChillMansion by Balcodizz From Russia with love)
  6. I believe that in every person there is good and evil, but I want goodness to overcome evil! If you have a video about the fight between good and evil, then put it here) Sabaton - The last stand
  7. This topic is dedicated to the beautiful and talented woman legend Monica Bellucci Ennio Morricone & Malena (Monica Bellucci)
  8. Песня Рады из к\ф "Табор уходит в небо"
  9. I'm very happy to return to the game)) Who remembers me and who does not know me yet))) I kiss and embrace everyone)
  10. I want to show you Russian folk music) I hope you like it)Kissss and hug all)
  11. Hello everyone))) This topic is dedicated to the best Arabic and Asian music. I'll be back in the game soon! I want you to upload your favorite Arabic and Asian music here!) Kissss and hugs all) From Russia with love)) Rachid Taha ~ Ya Rayah
  12. In this topic, I would like to add a beautiful and gentle rock. Add your own beautiful and gentle rock videos and music. Scorpions - Rhythm Of Love
  13. OLESYA


    Hello everyone !!! I hug and kiss all !!! My little daughter is now sick and so while I do not have time to go into the game but when she will not be ill I will return to the game! I have received many messages from friends and many people! I can not understand why people swear !! I read a message on the forum! Stop writing silly things about me!I'm against the trolls! All who are my friends I love you! Russian folk music. Pelageya 'll be back in the game soon! Юлия Матюкина и Кубанский казачий хор https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWei6FHB7yY
  14. This topic is dedicated to the film The Game of Thrones) I like this series very much) I live in Russia in Siberia! And my favorite words are from the movie-Winter Is Coming! If you have music videos about the Game of Thrones, put them here)
  15. I watch TV and I'm scared! Terrorists kill people! I want the whole world to unite against the Terrorists! Артём Гришанов - Русская буря / Russian storm (English subtitles)
  16. We love you very much! Return to the game the sun! Do not pay attention to bad people! We are with you!
  17. This topic is given to the French singer Jeanne Mas. Her songs are very beautiful! Especially I like the song Toute Première Fois Jeanne Mas Toute Première Fois
  18. This topic is dedicated to Stéphanie Marie Elisabeth Grimaldi Princess of Monaco. She is a very bright and talented person) Stephanie De Monaco - Ouragan Vision d'orage. Je voudrais pas que tu t'en ailes La passion comme une ombre Fallait que j'y succombe Tu menlacais dans les ruines Du vieux Rome A part nous y'a personne Seul le tonnerre resonne M'emprisonne, tourbillonne
  19. This is the topic of the tenderness in the world. You can put here your favorite clips of tenderness) МакSим - Нежность (официальный клип) TENDERNESS
  20. This topic dedicate FrenchTouch! She's my friend and very talented! She is the creator of animation, costumes,clothing and paintings! Many dance animation 3dx chat were made FrenchTouch. FT PACK FEBRUARY 2016
  21. OLESYA


    I want to dedicate this topic Russians Sting This is a cover version of the song sings Sting Russian.There is a song from France Germany Italy and other countries) Italian singer- by Perentin Giuliano For me the main music and soul music! Politics does not interest me! "Russians" - All This Time(Sting &Police Italian Tribute)- by Perentin Giuliano
  22. This Red Army Choir Aleksandrov them! The plane crashed and killed Red Army Choir Aleksandrov (((All died This is a strong Russian song !!! It sang Russian soldiers who defeated Hitler!
  23. I'm here to spread my travels in different rooms)
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