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Found 3 results

  1. Dear dev team, @Gizmo and @Lisa I think it would be worthwhile for developers to ask the question: why do players want to play this particular game? What is most important to them? What makes the game better? I would share my ideas on the subject. First and foremost is the avatar itself, the character of the players! It always really mattered what the player's character looks like! So lets talk about caracter customization!! This is the player himself, the development of which is key! But even these enhancements have limits ... many times one more hairstyle doesn’t add an extra experience to character shaping. Because, for example, you already have a favorite and don’t like new ones! But then how can you renew in this area? With new options that weren’t there so far, and plus options for missing parts. Too many hair styles, but very few necklaces, no piercings at all? Make more jewelry and create the system of piercings! I know, I know there was a vote on this, but they didn’t take into account people’s stimulus threshold, their playfulness at all! It was just a snapshot of who want what there then! I would like to highlight a few oylan development opportunities, which in turn would significantly change the perception of the game and its popularity in a positive direction: 1. More body customization: I can make a few details difficult to implement and cumbersome to implement (such as height difference) ... but the fat-average figure-muscular slider would be worthwhile. The special extra part of this that is an extremely popular request is pregnancy for female characters. It could be a bit pregnant to the big belly version. 2. Missing layers of clothing, categories Quite a few garments can’t be categorized in the current categories, and if they do, the developers will just spoil the mood or it won’t have the effect they wanted. Such clothing categories (could be an extra layer of clothing): - coats (cloak, coat, bolero, jacket, suit, blazer) - (important the open version.. to see what wear under that...) - belts, chains 3. Missing character customizations parts: There is nothing to explain ... either there is no such area, or there are very few options for the player to choose from. - Piercings, earrings (there is none at all) - jewelry, accessories (there are terribly few options) - hats (if it were just a colorable baseball cap, then there wouldn't be a small million variations .. and then we would see that there are hardly any caps, hats) - extra body parts category: tails, wings 4. Missing uniforms: The players' play is greatly influenced by a good theme and the clothes associated with it. A uniform can not only consist of a "dress" ... there can also be separate pieces of clothing that can work together. An example is a cowboy / girl "uniform." But, of course, this includes more complex uniforms such as nuns or nurses. I note: if they make pieces for the "incomplete" clothes listed in point 3 ... it can issue a uniform ... that is, do one get two !! Such options, combinations, examples: - cowboy hat + boots + belt - soldier cap + identification necklace - nun headdress + dress + necklace with cross - medical gown + stethoscope - blazer (for women) + shirts + tie - colorable baseball cap + any inscription / logo on clothes - more logo ++ And one extra thing, let me deviate from my own theme: if upload images could be simply put on surfaces during construction ... (and it could be resized), construction would improve light years! XOXO - Angel
  2. I know this type of topic has been posted numerous amount of times, to which I have seen of late when catching up with the forum and such and I read a post in the Upcoming Updates discussion topic about how the community can find ways to improve the game that which will also improve the population of the game. So I am about to write a long post about the history of 3DXChat the best I can to my knowledge to try and see how the games development cycle has gone since Alpha/Beta and where things went wrong and how us, the community can improve the future development of the game. So, without waffling on, some important times of the games history may be missing to which please let me know of them in the replies. 3DXChat has been around now since 2012/2013 a long time and the graphics do indeed still keep up to date with todays average atleast in the adult gaming world. The only thing that has let the game down is the small development team, as well as the major Unity engine version changes (It tends to break a lot of stuff 90% of the time.) this often means new updates will take longer than normal to release as well as be developed, this has been the case for awhile, almost since the game first released all those years ago in Alpha/Beta. We're now on 3DXChat 2.6. and if we look at some of the history of the game we can see where things were good, and were not so good and how can we improve: 3DXChat Beta: 3DXChat was in Beta, during the time of 2013-2014, where they were releasing new locations every other month and updating weekly, such as Sin Club which was renamed from BDSM Club, and other locations were incorporated and User rooms were developed for people to open up their own room and have a basic room editor. This was when the game left Alpha and became Beta. 3DXChat 1.0: The road leading up to 1.0 was a long one, a lot of clothes and animations were being released every other week, revamping previously developed locations in Beta. 3DXChat left Beta and started to become 1.0 I'd say around the time they introduced the revamped Love Island back in 2014.This incorporated new lighting shaders, better stability of the location. And 1.0 coming out officially when they redesigned the Room editor, with new tools such as the photo tool and released a ton of new objects and radio support in the room editor for custom URLs, colour palette, the improved text chat and brought out the new dark GUI and advanced GUI functionality, as well as advanced profiles which is almost what the Dark GUI is today, of course it has been improved up on since, with many improvements still neccessary before it's the perfect GUI for the game. 3DXChat 2.0 Beta: The lead up to the release of the 3DXChat Beta 2.0 would mainly come in the new location Fresco Club, which is based off of the Dot ConneXion club that was in the original Watch Dogs game. This brought new lighting, better attention to detail of the buildings infrastructure and the multiple level capabilities in the game. This was the start of the games update cycle to 2.0 which was also shown to be an April fools joke before it got confirmed by Lisa. But also the start of the sad decline of players in the 3DXChat world because it had taken a long time before the 2.0 Beta had released from the original announcement ~2 months. Now, 2.0 Beta has been announced and a new client is released, a new major version of the game, which incorporates a major engine upgrade of Unity from version 4 - 5, which brings a ton of new upgrades, but what exactly? Mainly visually. Such as a better water shader, new graphics options, better lighting, time of day for locations and user rooms, as well as a new location the "Saloon". This was when the world population was starting to decrease because a lot of these updates were not what people wanted and were mainly fixes for the jump from Unity 4-5 with the 2.0 version. This then leads up to the official 2.0 Release. 3DXChat 2.0: During the official 2.0 client and release, there wasn't anything major that happened during this cycle as it was still being seen as the 3DXChat 2.0 Beta, but the update that I feel was the defining one for the 2.0 release was the Patch#344 update, which brought a few visual things to the game and the following patches after that to Patch#350 were better improvements to the game such as Offline Messaging. Then came the rush of new content for a short time, of a few months, a lot of poses were added for all orientations, granted the FF/MM animations were copied from the M/F to work with FF/MM users. Then led up to the 2.5 Beta or as I like to call the VR Update. 3DXChat 2.5 Beta VR: 3DXChat 2.5 released in the form of Patch#362 this was in April 2017. This brought VR support to 3DXChat, as well as new prints for clothes, new clothes in general and new animations and a Unity Engine update to version 5.5. It wasn't per-say a "Major" update as it brought on the VR capabilities in the game, new character editor room "The Loft", new props for the home editor. This "major" patch was heavily focused on the VR aspect as VR is becoming a more used technology now that you are able to buy an Oculus Rift for $349 which is a significant price drop to what it started out as in the original CS1 version. This version also brought in a different type of print style to clothes which was heavily influenced by the print style modders had managed to incoporate into the game prior to this. The game stagnated on this version for longer than it should have and was one of the big causes for population loss because the updates became far apart as if the developers may have gotten a bit burned out with the reiteration of the games Major versions/releases in a space of 1-2 years. And working on technology that took a lot of time that not many people use such as the VR. This led up to the new version of 3DXChat or as I call the World Editor Update. 3DXChat World Editor Update: This version isn't necessarily a numbered version, but the size and complexity of this update, puts it as an independent major version in itself. So for years, players of 3DXChat wanted to be free from the hard restraints we had in the previous versions of the games Room Editor. This was bypassed by modders for a long period of time to give players true freedom and not building to restrictions to be able to let their creativity flow and be put to work. This had brought on some amazing creations players had made from this, despite there being a lack of objects and materials to work with, but they did what they could do with what they were given and we got some amazing builds, some were absolutely ginormous! But this came at a cost, and had a significant performance impact on the game, which caused developers to put in restrictions on lights etc. Which were bypassed, but it was at your own discretion. This also had caused some serious troubles serverside, causing the server to crash at some points when rooms had reached a certain limit. As the build limit was removed. The developers used this opportunity to create the World Editor, which was probably the biggest update 3DXChat had received in years, and had revolutionized the game for many players. This attracted a lot of players and had caused a sharp increase in player population, this had been the boon 3DXChat needed. And there were many people playing, just by seeing the numbers in the Room List (Actual numbers aren't available sadly) this had gave the players the ultimate ability to create the room of their imagination and to truly put their creativity to the test. This had given the game a breath of new life and even though it steered it away a bit more from the "Sex Game" genre, it still brought a lot of people in to try out and play. But of course, as good as this update was, it caused the game to lack in other areas for a long period of time since it released, such as clothes, sex poses and just bug fixes in general. Now we lead up to 3DXChat 2.6 present day. 3DXChat 2.6 Beta: The 3DXChat 2.6 Beta came 1 year after the World Editor update in the form of a new Test server on Patch#376 this was an odd step for the developers to do as it essentially made a version of the game free for a short time albeit limited with some of the features and all data in the Beta was deleted. This was mainly to test the new game server and put it through it's paces, to stress test essentially and to report any bugs you find. This was mainly to incorporate the higher usage of server resources with the world editor bringing a lot more complexity to the processing of the game with the custom geometry data and the unlimited size the world can be, this of course put heavy stress on the server, which most likely was an old specc'd server from years prior and needed a fresh new upgrade on the hardware. This update brought a lot of significant updates to the world editor such as the Landscape tool and a ton of animations. This was the largest update the game had received since the editor itself was released. A ton of new animatons for people to play with and new landscape presets etc. This filled the void for a lot of content in the game that was missing during the year run up to this update, but it feels like a last minute update for animations to fill in for animations that people have asked for, for months. Then this leads up to the 2.6 official release. 3DXChat 2.6: The present day version of 2.6 was released based on feedback players had given to the developers during the test server beta test. This finalised the release of 2.6 with some bug fixes that were present in the 2.6 Beta and also upgraded the servers API, which means improved performance and stability. A lot of changes were reverted back to past updates due to various reasons I presume, GDPR probably being one of them. Some of these features were not welcomed much such as the namechange and sex change options. But some great QoL improvements were released, such as the improved Members Area, which shows your current subscription days left etc. Which is very much a welcomed feature. Now begs the question.. Where do we go from here? What will 3DXChat 2.7 bring us, or 3.0 if they decide to skip a few versions? What can be done to help the 3DXChat world improve and suceed further than it already has, as I have recently returned and I have done a lot of analysis of the games development since I left, and it's just... Not there? So what can be done, how can it be done? What does 3DXChat need more than anything else? Feedback is of course welcome! And I will add my own two cents on where it can go from here and how it can improve, from my own opinion in bullet points: Improved 64Bit client: As 32Bit OS's are becoming obsolete and eventually won't exist anymore. This will already bring a ton of improvements, mainly for RAM handling, to alllow the game to not be as restricted by the 3.5-4GB RAM limit of a 32Bit application. Especially as GPU vendors such as Nvidia and AMD have dropped 32Bit support on their GPUs for windows.New world editor tools: Such as Splines, Custom Landmass (Will be unlikely due to the processing power required when building and configuring).Improved Character editor: To incorporate additional features, such as different skin textures, face presets, body presets, accessories such as piercings.Improved animation rigging: Adding additional bones to the model to allow for higher quality animations, with a longer Frame cycle to allow for a smoother animated experience.Sound presets: To allow variations with sound in the game, such as voices for moans, sounds for sex itself.Redundant network infrastructure: So if a server node goes down, SSD dies, Server Crashes, PSU Explodes etc. The system automatically assigns the game server to another machine, to avoid the game being down and instead you get a slight hiccup. As I see the 3DX Forum has some major troubles with being up recently with host timeouts.Budgeting: Budget your game income to each area of the development team, if something is lacking, and no time is available to fulfill it or it is too much work to handle amongst other things, perhaps outsource some of the work of X to freelancers/contractors to fulfill that area for the next update cycle. Do not be ashamed to admit if an update or feature is too complicated to implement, outsource it to those whose specialty it is in that area of development.Improved security: This is a big one especially as GDPR is a thing now in the EU, if security is lacking, it can cause multiple breaches of GDPR and cause some serious troubles, one of which was a program people often used to find in game details of said people which breached the GDPR law. Always budget 20% per year of your game income to upkeep/security, to keep the infrastructure secure and running smooth.Improved Communication: This has always been a long term problem in 3DX, that there is often a lack of communication between the community and SexGameDevil, explore different avenues to improve communication between yourselves and the community and stick to it. This is a crucial stage in any type of development is consumer feedback. As at the end of it, they are the ones who will be receiving the updates.Improved Forum: There's already a topic about this with some extremely solid points in, that could improve the forum a ton. The forum needs reworking, perhaps set it up on a new, more powerful machine and have the current forum in an archived URL, where people can still go to get any old stuff they posted etc. And have the new forum, fresh and all members accounts transferred over, to start a fresh and avoid hitting a soft limit of content on the forum, causing the server it's on to begin to struggle and often crash. Closing words: So I hope this post was informative for you all. Sorry to have waffled on with it, but I have been analysing a lot of the forum recently and the development cycle since being back and have found many troubles with some things both with the game and the forum there is a lot of work, and hopefully with some serious feedback and solid discussion about how the game is currently, that SexGameDevil know where to go next with their project to keep improving up on it and making it overall a great experience and world to be a part of.
  3. Dear Developers, I'd like to explain to you a chance to make a 180° degree turn, reclaim lost customers as well as entice new one's. When you’re paying for a service month-to-month and it’s not creating any new content (for a while), communication is crucial. You need to keep your customers engaged and this where an unique opportunity for you opens, with the coming update you have the unique opportunity to make a brand new beginning. The community simply loves to feel informed, ETA's for updates would surely be no harm as well as a more active dialogue with the community, I can understand that there is much frustration just as certain trolls looming around but I think I can speak for the vast majority when I say there are also people who offer some well thought out constructive criticism that any business manager would be foolish to ignore. During that process I am sure it would be a very mature gesture to thank the community for their perpetual patience with more than just words. For instance both - An XGold Compensation (Like you have done before) - A voucher/coupon for former subscribers as well as existing one's to redeem for let's say a 5 % discount on their next subscription because you are so confident in the new content and mindset that it will surely keep us staying entertained much past that. As Ash and others suggested on forum, maybe even a buy 1 sub, get 1 free special limited time offer during special yearly events ( Would have been perfect for Valentine's day, wouldn't it for example you and your partner? ) This will also be helpful for the times during the non prepaid game card availability issue at the moment as some can only purchase subscriptions with paypal and services like that, that only the pre-paid cards supported. Furthermore, it still is new content that keeps us coming back for more and while some might lose themselves in endless debates in which direction this game is supposed to sway, we all desire more, for the incurably romantics, the social butterflies as well as those driven by desire and carnal experiences. Some might want new poses, others clothes, I personally would love a fresh new location very much! Of course it is a straining task for existing content creators so why not give others a compelling reason to join the team? The startup screen sounds like the perfect fit for an advertisement to hire more qualified personnel for the project. I strongly believe there is plenty here, some might just not be aware of the topics hidden in the maze of our forum. Just put it out there and see what comes about with it, surely there is no harm in displaying activity and more importantly, the will to change and improve, after all, we all want the game to thrive That being said I would like to propose a new way to compensate our passionate designer and that is via community donations, I am not very versed on that field so feel free to interpose thoughts at any time, it's much appreciated. Of course that does not seem like an ideal scenario for many but it is a start that might just set things in motion, the donations would obviously go to those freelancing designers dedicating their time, energy and passion to create a more flourishing experience for all of us and it would be purely optional, just imagine everyone on here would donate 1 $. I've been in talks with Ash and others and he even suggested a perk system to fulfill certain wishes and projects the community could suggest or perhaps even vote for, similar to what FrenchTouch did on her forum posts. The bottom line is, I strongly believe that our free working designers deserve a proper compensation and in the interest of a growing game, opportunities to get paid would only facilitate the process. Details aren't ironed out yet as it is still in the talking/suggesting stages and I suppose there could be a third person installed from the SexGameDevil development team to collect said funds and pay them out in the spirit of preserving anonymity to the highest possible degree, I know many of you, including myself cherish that very much. Thanks for reading and all the input PS : A special thanks to Ash for the brainstorming
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