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Found 5 results

  1. (Animations) Would love to see walking animations or different movement styles to add to the game, especially an all fours movement which can add to the RP. _Walking Animations_ 1) Casual 2) Joyful 3) Firm 4) All fours _Sexy Animations_ Would love to see more kinky animations as well, like cuffs or rope bondage. Of course, people may cringe at this, but people can easily cancel or leave the animation or refuse if they do not like that kind of thing. It just adds more spice to the game, in my opinion, and no, these kinds of things don't always mean the R-word people who think anything to do with any restriction means that word have very narrow minds and lack maturity. Just because someone doesn't like coffee doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to drink it _Body Features_ Adding in beards for males and extra sliders for males and females with weight for stomachs or overall weight is something I think is essential on a social aspect to allow players to express themselves more through their own Avi? + more hairs and tattoos would be nice too
  2. Besides the beer bottle animations a few other drinks would be nice. Coffee and such might be sufficient, if only done in sitting poses, no need to carry a cup of coffee to the dancefloor. I want to drink water and tea for free in my apartement coffee (from cup) wine (from wine glass) energy drink (can) longdrink/martini (from cocktail glass) vodka/shots (shot glass) Champagne (from appropriate glass) bonus: Champagne bottle opening squirt
  3. It has been a couple of weeks now since the patch with the new dance moves. I would like to say to the devs I have noticed a huge difference in 3DX since then. There are a lot more players logged in at any time now and most seem to be much happier and enjoying things much more than they have been. In particular the capability to now do M/F sync dancing has brought something that is bringing people together more than before. From what I understand Lisa is responsible for new animations and I would like to congratulate her on a job well done. Something I would like peoples opinions on is something that has been talked about a huge amount in the game. Group syncing or multiple people syncing. I have noticed that almost every time I am in NC I see people trying to sync with more than 2 people, trying to time when to come in. Some do succeed but it is not easy to do and if you are like me and suffer from lag it is pretty much impossible. Different ways have been discussed where the devs may be able to supply something to do this. A group dance button where people are added to a group dance similar to how people are added to a group chat. Having a clock in the game that we could try and time a start to, these are just a couple of things that have been suggested. Some want it to still be a bit of a challenge to do so and others think it should just be quick auto setup. So guys I would like to know what you think of the new dances and what you think may be able to be done to allow group syncing.
  4. Forum is plastered with straight and lesbian erotic and pornographic images, so why not? Feel free to share original characters, video game characters, animations etc and other homoerotic images to get started: Yakuza <3
  5. I love all kinds of art, kinetic typography is one of my favorites. What's your favorite typography animation? Or show us your creations.
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