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Found 1 result

  1. Winners! 1st Place: Pashion (6 Months 3DXChat Subscription) 29 Likes 2nd Place: CathyDeeFox (20,000 xGold) 23 Likes 3rd Place: HardlyDavidson (10,000 xGold) 9 Likes Congratulations guys! Those of you who won the xGold please contact Gizmo here on the forums claiming your prizes. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves and thanks for taking part! It was awesome to see what you came up with! Might do another in the future, but a different idea... Perhaps. So keep a look out for it everyone, thanks again for taking part!! Those of you who entered, but didn't win! Do not worry, there is more to come in the future I am sure! So keep a look out! Hello 3DXChat Community! So I've been talking to the developers recently, and I have came up with the idea of doing a nice, little, screenshot story adventure competition! So, see this as my own little competition for you all to partake in if you'd like! It will be fun, to see all of your imaginations come to life in screenshots and to tell a story through the screenshots. So here is how it will go! The basis of this competition is to open up your imaginations through imagery, and what I am hoping to achieve here, is the experience and foundations of peoples imaginations to be reflected onto the community, something to bring us all that little bit closer together! Getting to know how people think here in this game and how their imaginations go and what their interests are, as this game is all about imagination! So I am curious to see what you all are capable of with your imaginations and reflect it through imagery in a story adventure collage style of screenshots with a story title! The winner will be chosen by the most likes on their story post, this competition will be ongoing until MIDNIGHT 7th August 2015 UK Time (GMT+1). Where the thread will then be hidden (To avoid any extra likes after the deadline that could alter the winner). I will then review the submissions from you, and all of you are welcome to enter, whether you are subbed to the game or not. All are welcome to enter, but make sure the images are in game screenshots with story captions on the image or below it in forum text, and I will choose the most liked submission. If you don't want to attach multiple images with captions, you can create a video and post that but will have to be in terms with the video hosting site rules. I want you all to be respectable to fellow competitors and if you like their story throw a like, even if it's a rival submission of yours or something, I want you all to share with each other different stories and experiences in 3DXChat and bring the community closer together in this. So don't "Do not like" because they are competition, like it, if you like it, be fair. The winning story will also be posted onto the 3DXChat Social Networking profiles and their Tumblr account. And if there is more than one person involved in the story, the person who's story idea it was will be the one to receive the prize (Sorry about that!). But I hope you all have fun in the making of this as much as I am excited to see what you all can come up with! The winning prize will be a 6 month membership to 3DXChat, purchased by yours truly and will be gifted to you via the pre-paid card subscription at MIDDAY 7th August 2015 UK Time (GMT+1). The winner will be Personal Messaged on the forums with the pre-paid card code and instructions on how to redeem it and add it to your subscription on your account, see this as a gift from me, to you, for being such a wonderful and supportive community! I may add 2nd and 3rd place prizes closer to the deadline which will result in xGold given by the developers, will need to check with them first if it's possible. I will then unhide the thread and announce the winner/s on the last post and the front page! In big BOLD Letters. Prizes 1st Place - 6 Month 3DXChat Membership 2nd Place - 20,000 xGold 3rd Place - 10,000 xGold So the rules are as follows: 1. No excessive bad language. 2. No real life related/insults/threats keep it strictly virtual related. 3. Be respectable to others and do not be rude to them if their story is something you don't particularly like. 4. Photoshop is allowed for editing of images for special effects and such if required. 5. No domestic abuse, or anything abusive along those lines, keep it within reason and public friendly. (Basically follow the 3DXChat "Abuse" Game Rules with this competition). 6. All images need to be of in game screenshots only. 7. Only ONE submission per person. 8. Above all else, HAVE FUN! So good luck to you all and I look forward to seeing all the submissions! Let's go!
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