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  1. what would be or where is the best site to get mods for this world i am particularly looking for ROOMS/WORLDS! i have been to 3dxmodz is there any others? perhaps some creators have made a site or blog!? tysm in advance!!! ♥ Charli
  2. i would also love to see just as many couple dances if not the same for club dances!!! variety is the spice of life!!!! ♥
  3. weather would be a fine addition to this already graphically amazing game!! also a day/night cycle too!!
  4. i see on the website that these payments are listed..... are these payments valid????????????
  5. Looking forward to the update hope its sometime in the near future!
  6. Sounds like a great time! I may come and check it out:)
  7. Ohhh look at you gettin down with betty:P
  8. wonderful news! hope that helps out the people that dont possess credit cards such as myself! thanks for finally giving an update!!
  9. charli

    The One ?

    Also want to say it was very nice meeting you in game quite pleasant and kind:)
  10. charli

    The One ?

    Welcome Tom, so glad to meet you and see that you are open to meeting new people of the same interest...your description definately fits what I seek here! daily player open-minded fun and caring lets meet!
  11. Wow! awsm work sky I love having my pic taken and have modeling experience lets get together and shoot sometime!
  12. Been wanting to know this for a while i had that tick tick shit sound UGH!!
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